Range and Shooting Rifle Slings

When it's time to fire off your favorite rifle while hunting - at the range, or any other location - a sling can help you carry your gun safely and comfortably. There are a variety of options available, allowing you to pick a model which is suitable for you and your weapon. Take a look around and find the sling you'll want to use during your next firing session.

What types of tactical rifle slings are available?
  • Padded - Save yourself the chafing and the associated pain while carrying your gun by using a padded sling. Padding can also be used in the quick release and tactical adjustable sling versions.
  • Ammo sling - Keep your shotgun's ammunition easy to access with a tactical ammo sling. The bullets slide into the sling and can be pulled out in a manner of seconds.
  • Quick release - The black swivels are operated with a push button, allowing you to rapidly release the rifle from the swivels and fire at your target.
  • Quick adjust - The 2-point quick adjust models have adjustable black collars and swivels. You can use these swivels or collars to tighten or loosen the rifle from the sling as necessary.
What materials are these tactical accessories available in?
  • Leather - Slings made from leather are designed to be durable and heavy. These slings work well for frequent and short shooting sessions.
  • Nylon - Nylon rifle slings are highly moisture resistant which reduces the risk of mildew. These accessories are light and durable, making them good for carrying your shotgun during long shooting competitions.
  • Canvas - A black canvas rifle sling can be easily cleaned and is water resistant. Canvas accessories for your rifle are designed to be durable.
How long should your leather rifle sling be?

If you're using a leather sling for competition shooting or informal practice sessions with the gun at the range, 50 feet is considered the standard length for an average person. Those who are taller or using specialty rifles may want to consider a larger size. If you're hunting, it is recommended you use accessories such as an adjustable sling. This modification allows you to climb into stands and move the rifle from different angles to better target your prey.

What are some of the familiar brands of slings?

Common brands for hunting rifle accessories include Allen, Browning, Butler Creek, and Hunter. If branding isn't important, there are also unbranded or generic options.