Range and Shooting Sling Plate Adapters

Range and Shooting Sling Plate Adapters Enable Shooting Precision

eBay offers affordable range and shooting sling plate adapters for professional or beginner shooter integration capability between weapon and sling. With multiple product choices for product brands and features within the eBay Range & Shooting Accessories category, the sling plate adapter platform completes your precision shooting experience. Adding this weapon adapter will increase weapon mobility, enable clear target hit, and provide safety in weapon handling.

What are the benefits of the sling plate adapter?

Shooters use the adapter for mounting standard single- or double-point slings to their weapons of choice. Product specifications allow increased mobility and decreased "snag" factor for a range of motion greater than 180 degrees, enabling true ambidextrous weapon manipulation for both left- and right-handed shooters. The sling adapter replaces the standard carbine stock receiver end plate. You want that tactical advantage from minimal sling snagging and easy shoulder-to-shoulder weapon transition. Installation is easy. Simply remove and re-install your existing collapsible stock and buffer tube after base plate replacement. No gunsmith required. The sling plate adapter fits most weaponry with collapsible butt-stock. You wont have to worry about interference; the slim design also ensures minimal hand or other gear interference while shooting. It is beneficial for shooting range, platform shooting, and mobile terrain shooting precision and has advantages for simple, lightweight, and cost-effective target hit success.

What are some available sling plate adapter features?

Products are manufactured with heavy-duty cast steel construction, generally with a 1/8-inch-thick link ring and are protected by a durable, corrosion-resistant finish. Sling plate adapters must be durable by nature to join a heavy weapon to sling. Similar to rock climbing carbines, sling adapter engineering specifications address required weight load. eBay offers product features that include the following:

  • Ammo sling
  • Padded
  • Paracord
  • Quick release
  • Single point
  • Two point quick adjust
  • Three point
  • Other feature options
How do you pair the sling plate adapter to weapon?

Standard adapter plate mounts allow your sling to be directly attached to the weapon. eBay products on offer include weapon to sling capability for your shooting needs that cover point number options. You want to attach the adapter for target practice or mobile hunting; remove the adapter for weapon storage; and assume the capability for replacement. Tactical function with handling ability is key. Prospective consumers may pair the adapter to the following: sling, takedown and pivot pin, backup sight, buffer tube adapter, handguard end cap, scope mount rail, or other ancillary items on offer. Select the correct adapter fit to your weapon and enjoy 180-degree range of motion for target acquisition.