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Ranger Automotive Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers

Whether you are a mechanic with a tire shop or you just find yourself changing tires often, Ranger Tire Changers and Wheel Balancers are essential equipment that provide heavy-duty, easy-to-use functionality for volume tire changing. Ranger Tire Changers assist with quickly dismounting and mounting tires from wheel rims. Ranger Wheel Balancers make it easy to ensure that your customers car or truck has a smooth, vibration-free ride.

What are the different models of Ranger Tire Changer?
  • Ranger R745 Tire Changer: The Ranger R745 is the entry-level tire changer and offers features such as a high-torque electric turntable, an enhanced bead breaker arm, forged steel foot pedal levers, high-pressure polyurethane pneumatic tubing, wheel clamps, aluminum pneumatic cylinders, and a drive belt and gearbox designed for low maintenance.
  • Ranger R76LT Tire Changer: The Ranger R76LT is similar to the R745 but also includes a tilt-back tower. This makes it easy to remove tires from the tire changer and to inflate the tires. The turntable on this machine also features a reverse speed, which quickens the process of installation.
  • Ranger R76ATR Tire Changer: The R76ATR is designed specifically for high-volume tire shops and can handle rims up to 30 inches in diameter, making it useful for truck service. This tire machine features excellent ergonomics to make changing tires as fast and easy as possible for your workers by minimizing the amount of bending and reaching that is necessary. This machine also features a second assist tower that can be used to hold sidewalls in the drop-center area, making it simple to mount lower profile tires.
  • Ranger R980AT Tire Changer: The Ranger R980AT features a power assist tower that can hold run flat and low-profile tires in the drop-center area, which further eases the tire changing process.
What are the different models of Ranger Wheel Balancer?
  • Ranger DST642D: The DST642D contains a 64-bit chip that quickly and efficiently processes and stores data related to the car or truck wheel. Using Rangers DriveCheck technology, the balancer simulates a real-world drive to identify small imbalances.
  • Ranger DST2420: The DST2420 also offers a compact package and can balance a tire in six seconds. This machine can be used in a Dynamic, Static, or Performance setting that easily matches OEM settings.
  • Ranger DST30P: The DST30P handles wheels of up to 30 inches in diameter. It contains a 64-tooth magnetic transducer encoder that allows it to perform very precise and fine wheel adjustments. This equipment is relatively small and offers a straightforward interface for balancing.
  • Ranger DST64T: The DST64T includes a higher end interface with a touchscreen that offers additional information and features.