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Challenge Yourself With Ravensburger Puzzles With 1,000 Pieces

Since 1891, Ravensburger has been producing high-quality jigsaw puzzles. If you want a fun, yet demanding, experience, give one of their 1,000-piece puzzles a try. Putting together a 1,000-piece puzzle lets you exercise your brain, and the end result is a beautiful piece of artwork.

What materials does Ravensburger use?

Most Ravensburger 1000-piece puzzles combine one or more of these materials:

  • Cardboard: The majority of Ravensburger puzzles use an extra-thick cardboard material as their backing.
  • Paper: The paper used to print the actual puzzle image on top of the cardboard is a linen paper treated with a coating to reduce glare.
  • Wood: Though less common, you can find some 1,000-piece puzzles cut out into individual wooden pieces. These tend to be larger and have a higher price tag.
What types of designs can you pick from?

Ravensburger has hundreds of designs available for their 1,000-piece puzzles. Most of their artwork falls into these categories:

  • Nature: These puzzles show beautiful mountains, oceans, animals, and other natural wonders.
  • Disney: Ravensburger works with Disney to create a variety of puzzles depicting Disney princesses, Pixar characters, and other Disney themed items.
  • Hidden objects: These puzzles show busy countertops, bookshelves, or other scenes that feature a lot of hidden objects you can search for inside the finished puzzle picture.
  • Architecture: Many Ravensburger puzzles feature charming cottages, famous buildings, and other architectural designs.
  • Art: You can find puzzles with all sorts of artistic paintings and drawings, including famous artists and modern designs
Are the puzzle pieces unique?

Yes, Ravensburger hand-draws each one of the pieces in their 1,000-piece puzzles before turning the hand-drawn template into a steel cutting template. This means that each individual piece only has a single spot it will fit into in the entire puzzle. This is helpful because it makes it harder to mix up pieces as you assemble the puzzle.

Are vintage puzzles different from modern ones?

Since Ravensburger has been producing puzzles for over 100 years, there are a lot of collectible vintage puzzles to choose from. Their oldest puzzles are made entirely of wood and generally have educational themes. Ravensburger only started producing artistic jigsaw puzzles in the 1960s. Vintage puzzles from these early decades may have different shapes and thinner materials, since Ravensburger was just experimenting with puzzle design. These older puzzles also have a slightly different art style, with many puzzles reflecting the space age and psychedelic trends of the times.

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