Restaurant Chef Coats & Jackets

Chef Coats

A chef coat is a common part of a uniform in the kitchen. It’s worn by the head chef, the sous chef, and even other staff. It’s also a great way to prevent food from splashing on clothes.

What is a chef coat?

A chef coat is commonly worn over clothes. It is a protective covering similar to an apron. The only difference is that it’s worn like a jacket.

  • It’s worn in the kitchen: Cooking often includes getting splashed with grease and sauce. A chef coat will make it easier to work in the kitchen without getting dirty.
  • It’s a protective jacket: A chef coat is a protective jacket to be worn by men and women.
  • It’s a piece of the uniform: Many restaurants will require a chef to wear a uniform when they’re at work.
What are the chef coat styles?
  • Short sleeve: A short sleeve chef coat makes it easier to stay cool next to a hot stove.
  • Long sleeve: A long sleeve chef coat will provide protection on the arms.
  • Cool cotton: Cotton is a common material for coats. Many will offer a vent to avoid overheating.
How do you decide on a chef coat?

Buying a chef coat for a chef is an important process. It doesn’t necessarily have to match the pants. The average chef jacket is black or white, but there are plenty of other styles, too.

  • Size: A chef jacket is not worn like an apron. It needs to fit properly. Many coats will have a size guide to determine what size is best.
  • Color: White, black, red, and other colors are available. Some people coordinate with their uniform while others go with their favorite color.
  • Functionality: A vent is only a small part of what men or women look for in a chef coat. Look for a pocket on the sleeve for a thermometer, a pocket on the side for gloves, and more. It will make it easier to make the most of a long or short sleeve coat.
  • Material: Look at the material that the chef coat is made from. Cotton is the most common because it’s cool. However, there might be polyester or other blends also available.
  • Customization: You might want to get a coat monogrammed with initials. It’s a chance to introduce another color, such as black or red. Additionally, you might want to have the name of the restaurant included on the jacket.