Restaurant Chef Pants

Chef Pants

Chef pants are an integral part of any kitchen worker’s arsenal; lightweight and breathable, these pants are designed to combat the high temperatures of a commercial kitchen. These pants are very basic by nature, typically including two front pockets and a drawstring. They are worn more like sweatpants than trousers or jeans with a loose-fitting style allowing maximum mobility, and they are easy to clean and maintain.

What are chef pants?

These pants are specifically designed for culinary professionals. They are available in various colors, patterns, and sizes, and are usually made of polyester and cotton. The purpose of these garments is to reduce the effects of high temperatures in the kitchen. Due to the hectic nature and fast pace of a commercial kitchen, they are easy to clean and usually come with a drawstring for easy adjustments during work.

Who wears chef pants?

These pants are worn by kitchen workers. Chefs, sous chefs, line cooks, bakers, and dishwashers are required to wear these while working in many kitchens. While some casual and fast-food restaurants do not require the use of these pants, many still use them because of their lightweight and durable construction. Many cooks find chef pants valuable for preserving their everyday clothes because they are used specifically for work.

Are there different styles of chef pants?

There are two main styles of pants. The traditional style offers a loose, tapered design meant for comfort while not being too tight to move freely. The second style is known as the baggy style. The baggy style is very loose and comfortable making them ideal for casual kitchen environments. Outside of the way chef pants are tailored, there are many styles and patterns available. While plain-black and houndstooth patterns are the most common, there are many fun patterns available like polka dots, jalapeno-pepper prints, and tropical designs.

What design should you choose?

The design of the pants can be dictated by the kitchen you work in. Many restaurants require a specific design and color. This is common in open kitchens to provide a professional appearance for diners. Some restaurants require a certain color or design based on your position in the kitchen. This is common in larger kitchens so the chef can easily differentiate between the many types of kitchen workers. In this situation, line cooks would have different pants than dishwashers and other members of the kitchen team. If there are no restrictions on what design you must use, there are many fun designs and colors to choose from.