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Rossignol Winter Sports Bags and Backpacks

Your sports gear is an investment, especially your ski gear. You can find a range of bags to protect your alpine equipment during ski trips including ski bags and snowboard bags from Rossignol.

Why Should You Use A Winter Ski Bag?

Finding a durable bag is important to protect your skis when you are travelling to alpine environments. You can consider some of the benefits of a Rossignol winter ski bag which are:

  • Convenient carry strap: All the Rossignol bags have straps to make carrying your heavy skis across the snow easier as they can be heavy. The strap is a heavy duty material which will not break easily.
  • Carry a pair of skis more easily: It can be difficult carrying a pair of skis, as you may find that one of the pair slip out of reach. Instead, consider putting your skis in a Rossignol ski bag which will make sure you do not lose one of the pair of skis, or your poles.
  • Protect your skis when not in the snow: To prolong the life of your skis you should protect them from the alpine weather and make sure they are kept dry and clean. A bag with straps for your pair of skis is an ideal way to do this.

What are the Features Of The Rossignol Range?

The Rossignol range has a number of features which make it a good choice for a bag for your pair of skis. These include:

  • Different styles to carry different pieces of alpine equipment: You may also need to carry a snowboard, ski poles, jackets and boots. Rossignol has different styles of ski bag like a duffel ski bag, longer style carry ski bag and backpacks for different alpine needs.
  • Pockets and openings: Different pockets can be used to tuck your ski pass, hat or helmet into different parts of the bag.
  • Different designs and styles: You can choose to select a vintage bag or you can pick a more modern bag for your gear. The different bags are good for matching your style and needs, and for different skis you can find colors and designs of ski bag which match.

What Materials Are Used In The Ski Bags?

A Rossignol ski bag has specific materials which are chosen for use in the bag because of their durable properties. Some of these materials are:

  • Durable 600D Polyester: The durable polyester is an ideal material for the Rossignol ski bag, as it is tested in alpine conditions and is durable for carrying heavy equipment like a pair of skis.
  • Heavy-duty zippers and fastenings: Strong zippers make it easy to open and close the bag on the go, and fastening straps help secure your skis in the bag when you need to move your gear around.
  • PVC coating: The bag has a PVC coating which makes it durable and somewhat water-resistant, which helps keep your pair of skis dry and clean when not in use. The bag is also tear resistant because of this coating.

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