How to Choose Rothschild Outerwear for Girls

When temperatures drop, outerwear like coats and jackets helps to keep kids warm. There are numerous types of garments for girls that are designed for cold weather, so keep several factors in mind when choosing the right coat for your little one that combines style with substance for a cute coat that also keeps chilly weather at bay. Use this guide to help you choose outerwear for your child.

What Are Some Coat Styles?

Rothschild doesn't just make one type of coat for girls that wear a size 4 and up. A variety of options means you can select a dress coat, trench coat, or an everyday jacket, along with garments for specific purposes, such as raincoats. 

  • A parka is a thick coat that's meant for extreme temperatures. Often created with a hooded design, a parka isn't just for show; its purpose is to maintain your child's body temperature on icy, snowy, and windy days. Some parkas have quilted fabric meant to trap in body heat. A coat of this type can be waist-length or longer. 
  • For upscale occasions or events, such as church or a wedding, a dress coat for girls fits the bill. A dress coat comes in numerous styles, including a military style with an A-line silhouette, a peacoat, or a wool double-breasted coat with accents like faux fur trim or velvet bows. Most coats are long, some are belted, and many come with matching hats. 
  • A prevalent design in chilly climates is the puffer coat. This heavyweight coat features quilted fabric that is often lined for added warmth. A puffer coat comes hooded, and some of these jackets are waist-length and offer accents like pockets and fur lining.

What Fabrics Are Used in Coats?

You'll want to choose a girls' coat that's made of the right fabric for your climate. 

  • For a lightweight jacket, choose a Rothschild coat made of fleece, nylon, or polyester. Raincoats are typically made of waterproof polyester fabric.
  • Heavier coats are made of wool, faux fur, a wool blend, or down. 
  • Mid-weight coats come in materials like suede, denim, velvet, or microfiber.

How Are Coats and Jackets Sized?

Sizing for a girl's jacket typically goes by regular children's sizing. You can check size charts for exact sizes, but if your child is between sizes, it's better to go up a size than down a size.

  • Little girls' sizes range from 4T (which means the coat is a toddler size) to 5/6 and 6x.
  • Coats for bigger girls start at 7 and go up to 16. These are numbered as such: 7, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16.
  • Sizes vary by your child's height, weight, and body measurements, such as chest, waist, and hip measurements. 

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