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Rowing Machines

Rowing is a fun way to work various muscle areas that you want to target, enjoy an intensive calorie burn, and even lose weight. Before you buy a rowing machine for your home, you may be wondering if this type of workout promotes total body fitness or if it targets only one or a few muscle areas. You may also want to know if this is an effective way to improve muscle tone or even to lose weight through cardio activity.

What areas of the body does a rowing machine work?

The exercise associated with rowing on this type of machine works a wide range of muscles throughout different areas of the body. When using a rower, the motion begins when you push yourself backward using your feet to work your lower body. You then use shoulder power and upper body strength to complete the motion of a stroke. The machine is also excellent for arm toning. When you row on a machine, you even engage your core through the backward pulling action of the rowing exercise, and you can improve fitness through most areas of your body.

Is rowing a good cardio workout?

Your indoor rowing workout can be as rigorous or light as you desire. You determine your pace, and this can affect how intensive your workout is. If you choose to row at a slower pace, your heart rate may not rise as significantly as if you were rowing at a faster rate. Nonetheless, because so many areas of your body are involved when you are using a rower, you can expect to enjoy at least a moderate cardio workout for optimal health and well-being, and you may also enjoy a great caloric burn.

How much weight can you lose on a rower?

Losing weight is a common goal for many who workout on a rower. Weight can be lost as you enjoy an intensive calorie burn through rapid stroke motions on the rowing machine. Remember that toning and strengthening your muscle groups through an intensive rower workout can also help you to burn more calories while your body is at rest. Your weight loss from using a rowing machine will ultimately be determined by how frequently you use the machine as well as how long you row and how much intensity you have when you exercise.

What should you look for in indoor rowers?

If you are looking for a great way to improve your fitness level and focus on toning many muscle groups, investing in a rowing machine is a great idea. When shopping for a rower, look for a machine that has easy-to-use strap features for your feet. These will keep your lower body in place while you complete the rowing motion through a flywheel. Your rowing machine should also have great reviews that indicate a smooth yet powerful motion. An ergometer and readout that features information about your intensity, speed, and distance is also helpful.