SO-DIMM PC2-6400 (DDR2-800) 4 GB RAM to Up Your Laptop's Performance

The development of SODIMM DDR2 SDRAM has given computer builders the ability to easily swap DDR2 modules whenever their machine needs a replacement or upgrade. In previous generations, you would have to buy separate DIP chips that you insert in the motherboard one by one. With the unbuffered SODIMM laptop memory, all you need to do is make sure that you really are inserting DDR2 modules instead of those from other standards.

What Is RAM?

  • Memory: RAM stands for random access memory and as the name implies, your computer uses this as an interim storage device for data that goes through the processor. The modules, in this case, the DDR2 RAM sticks, then transfer that data to the data storage device like the hard disk. If computers would handle and process the data by reading and writing directly on the hard drive, the computer would be extremely slow due to the huge speed difference between the fast processor and slow hard drive.
  • SODIMM DDR2: These 200-pin RAM modules are intended for use in laptops and small computers whose motherboards support this type of unbuffered non-ECC memory. DDR stands for double data rate and is the memory standard wherein the 200-pin SODIMM module could perform read and write operations in one cycle, thereby doubling its bandwidth. 
  • PC2-6400: This refers to the industry name of this type of RAM and is similar to DDR2-800 MHz. These non-ECC 4 GB DDR2 CL6 modules are able to run at 800 MHz clock speeds with each 200-pin SODIMM stick.
  • Capacity: You can increase your DDR2 memory by adding another DDR2 PC2-6400 module in your dual channel memory bank. If the two are already occupied in your current setup, you can swap them both out with two sticks of larger capacity but whose specs are still PC2-6400. DDR2 800 MHz modules can be purchased in 2 GB DDR2 and 4 GB DDR2 increments.

How Do I Install My New SODIMM RAM?

  • Study the Motherboard: Read your computer's user manual to determine whether your motherboard is memory bank is dual-channel or not. This lets you assess what amount of laptop memory to get. Your manual should say SO-DIMM 200-pin DDR2 PC2-6400 in the memory section. 
  • Remove Backplate: Unscrew the laptop backplate to access the motherboard. The SODIMM DDR2 SDRAM banks should be located near the processor. 
  • Replace RAM: To remove the laptop memory, unclip the side fasteners to make the modules pop out. Take out both the modules and set them aside for selling or keeping. Insert the new module into the second deeper slot taking care to align the notch with the protrusion in the slot. Push the module flat against the motherboard so that the clips click shut. Repeat for the last module and reboot your machine.