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Samsung Batteries for Samsung Galaxy S III

Few things inspire confidence when you're out on the town like a fully charged cell phone. Powering your Samsung Galaxy S III requires a battery made by the electronics manufacturer. These batteries are compact and slim, so they can be set aside until your phone needs a replacement.

What are the design specificationss for a Galaxy S3 battery?

Samsung Galaxy phone batteries are designed with Lithuium-ion technology, which is reliable for general mobile use. A Li-ion product can hold and distribute power effectively throughout the most demanding situations. You can tackle multiple tasks on your phone without worrying about low energy because Li-ion can power a phone for many hours. On average, a traditional GT-9100 product can provide 1650-milliampere hours of power, which is enough energy for traditional mobile routines that are performed while using a phone on the go.

What are some features of the Samsung Galaxy S3 battery?

All Galaxy S3 power products are constructed out of a thin plastic material. This compact design keeps each device protected. The electrical components are mounted underneath the plastic housing. A typical Galaxy S battery can handle minor drops, slight bumps, and general environmental elements found in residential areas. A Samsung Galaxy battery is also convenient because of the following:

  • The hardware that powers the accessory can hold a charge effectively.
  • The electrical components stay strong through multiple charges.
How do you put in Galaxy S III batteries?

To equip a Samsung Galaxy S3 battery, you simply remove the housing on the phone that protects the compartment. Depending on your phone's design, you may be able to detach the cover without using a special tool. Once you remove the cover, you must lift the original battery out of the compartment. This process can be done because a Samsung Galaxy S3 phone does not have any unique mechanisms that secure a battery in place. When the compartment is empty, you must align the metal components on the replacement battery with the mechanisms located in the compartment. After the replacement battery is flat, simply snap the cover on the S3 phone.

Are Samsung Galaxy S3 battery bundles or accessories available?

Most bundles will include a standard battery, a cable, and a charger for a Samsung phone. If you need a special S3 accessory, a portable power pack for a battery is worth considering, depending on your particular needs.

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