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Samsung TV Mounts & Stands

Samsung TV Mounts and Brackets

TV wall mounts and brackets give you the freedom to hang your LCD TV on the wall to free up floor space and create the ideal spot for viewing. Choosing a Samsung mount with tilt, swivel, or full-motion technology helps you achieve the angle you are looking for. When selecting a Samsung TV wall mount and bracket, it is important to choose one that can hold your TV.

How do you choose a TV wall mount?

Samsung TV wall mounts and brackets are not all made the same, so it is important to consider the following information before mounting your LCD TV.

  • Your TV’s specifications: Find out the specifications of your LCD TV, and make sure to choose a Samsung mount or bracket that matches these specifications. Youll also want to take into account a mount for your particular screen size, ranging from 27 inches to 70 inches.
  • Bracket movement: Figure out if you need a Samsung wall mount or bracket that swivels out or tilts or one that remains in one place on the wall.
  • Flat or not: Decide whether you want your Samsung TV mount to be flush with the wall or to have an arm that sticks out from the wall.
Can all flat-screen TVs be mounted on a wall?

Most flat-screen LCD TVs can be mounted, but you want to make sure before mounting your TV. You can check your TVs manual for the VESA number and find a Samsung mount that has an identical number.

What types of TV wall mounts are there?

There are three different types of TV mounts and brackets.

  • Fixed TV Wall Mount: This TV mount keeps your TV close to the wall to take advantage of the thinness of flat-screens. However, when installing these mounts you need to make sure that there is enough room for your cables and wires, especially if your TV has HDMI ports on the back.
  • Tilting TV Wall Mount: The Samsung tilting mount is similar to the fixed wall mount, but it allows you to tilt the screen up or down. The tilting angle is usually around 15 degrees but can vary slightly from model to model. This can help when you need to tilt the TV viewing angle.
  • Full Motion TV Wall Mount: This type of Samsung TV mount gives you flexibility when watching TV. Full motion technology means you can swivel the mount into multiple positions and tilt the screen for a better angle.
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