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Sansui Vintage Stereo Receivers

Everything You Need to Know about Choosing Sansui Vintage Stereo Receivers

The right stereo receiver allows you to listen to your favorite songs and to hear a full range of sounds at a louder volume. An ideal stereo receiver also allows you to hook up all of your audio equipment so that you can listen to different types of media and formats. On eBay, there are many new and used vintage Sansui receiver for stereos at a range of affordable prices.

What are some of the features of a Sansui receiver?

Some of the features of pre-owned Sansui vintage stereo receivers include:

  • Lit displays: A bulb is used to illuminate the display that shows you the volume, range, tuner, AM or FM radio station, and power status.
  • Manual controls: The receivers use a variety of knobs, buttons, and switches that allow you to control the mode of operation and the audio output.
  • Balancing: You can manually balance the frequency and the location of the audio output with built-in controls.
  • Filters: You can filter unwanted frequencies from the output to your speakers or subwoofer.
What types of technology are used in Sansui vintage receivers?

These collectible Sansui vintage stereo receivers use tube technology in order to process and to amplify the sound of your music and to send it to the connected components. Some of the receivers that have more than two channels may also be outfitted with a decoder for audio information, but you will also find some receivers without this accessory. The analog or digital decoder allows for output to a front center channel speaker or to a rear center surround speaker.

What types of input and output do the receivers have?

The available inputs and outputs on the Sansui vintage stereo receivers include:

  • Headphones: A standard headphone jack is installed into the receiver for output to earbuds or to headphones.
  • Tape player and turntable: There is an input to connect a tape player and a turntable.
  • Tape recorder: The receiver has an output to a tape recorder.
  • Speakers: The receivers have outputs for left and right speakers.
How do you choose an affordable Sansui vintage stereo receiver?

When you are shopping on eBay for an affordable Sansui vintage stereo receiver, consider its:

  • Display: Choose an analog display or an LCD.
  • Housing material: Choose composite or metal housing for the receiver.
  • Number of channels: There are two to four channels in the receivers.
  • Watts per channel: The range is 30 watts to 45 watts.
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