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Schecter Electric Guitars

Schecter Guitar Research creates guitars for beginner, intermediate, and professional players. An electric guitar from Schecter is crafted with premium woods and electronics. The brand is known for making high-quality instruments.

What kinds of electric guitar models does Schecter make?

Schecter guitars come in numerous body styles and models. Within each body type, there are designations such as standard, platinum, retro, and custom. Standard is a base model for each body type. The platinum series offers additional features and higher-quality materials. Retro models offer features and finishes that hearken back to the classic eras of rock music. Custom models can be ordered with features of your choosing. There are also artist models with specifications designed by famous players. Many models come in seven-string or eight-string versions. Here's a list of some of the top models offered from Schecter Guitar Research:

  • Hellraiser, Damien, Blackjack, C-1, and C-6: These are all super-Strat body styles. The C-1 model was one of the first produced. The C-6 is the current upgraded version of the C-1. The Blackjack is a modern-style model. The Hellraiser is one of the top sellers.
  • Omen: These models have SG-style bodies. In all other aspects, they are similar to the Hellraiser.
  • Sun Valley Super Shredder: This electric guitar is based on classic super Strats from the 1980s.
  • E-1: A body based on the Explorer, this offers tonal qualities similar to the Hellraiser.
  • Banshee and California Vintage: These offer a more classic Strat styling.
What type of stock pickups does Schecter offer?

Schecter uses its own proprietary pickups for various base models of the electric guitar. These come in single coil and humbucker configurations. Schecter uses both passive or active types in its various guitar models. It also offers its own Synyster Gates models. These active pups feature a high-power output. They are made to eliminate feedback and squeal at the highest of volumes. Schecter's Sustainiac pups greatly increase sustain from your electric guitar as the name suggests. Some models come loaded with EMGs, which are common for heavily distorted rock and metal.

What type of wood does Schecter use for their guitars?

Schecter guitar necks are generally made of hard maple. The guitar fingerboards come in maple, rosewood, or ebony. Schecter guitar bodies come in a variety of woods for different aesthetics and tonal properties. Some of these include basswood, mahogany, alder, and ash.

Where are Schecter guitars manufactured?

Most of their guitars are manufactured in South Korea. The majority of the elements are made there, but the guitars are then assembled in the United States. This gives Schecter the chance to fully inspect each instrument at its California facility. Custom models, Artist Series guitars, and some of its higher-end series are made entirely in the United States.

Do Schecter guitars work with Rocksmith?

All of the current models from Schecter Guitar Research work just fine with Rocksmith.

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