Screen Digitizers for Samsung Galaxy S5

Screen Digitizers for Samsung Galaxy S5

It can be frustrating to have a phone that does not respond to your touch. There are solutions to fix your problem. You can find a digitizer kit to bring your Samsung Galaxy S5 back to full functionality.

What causes touch screen issues?

Most issues with the screen can be traced to the digitizer. It is an important component of your Samsung Galaxy S5s LCD screen. It takes the pressure on the screen and converts it into a digital pulse. If it goes bad, you will be left with a phone that is unresponsive to commands. If you are noticing that the part is not responding, you should replace it right away.

Are there signs that a digitizer needs to be replaced?

If you have noticed that your Samsung Galaxy S5 fails to respond to touch commands, you should think about replacing the part. You might be able to repair the issue before you lose full functionality. Another good tip is to examine the screen. If there is a problem with the LCD, it might cause problems with the digitizer as well. Both parts are often sold together as a kit and can be replaced at the same time.

What replacement parts are compatible?

It is always a good idea to check for the compatibility of any replacement part. You will want to be certain the model number on the Samsung Galaxy S5 will work with any new part. This avoids issues that may occur if you do not have a manufacturer recommended part.

Can the Samsung Galaxy S5 be repaired?

It may take a few tools and some patience, but you can repair the screen digitizer by yourself. You will need to follow a few steps and have some items on hand. Some replacement kits do have the tools already included inside. If not, you can find a few of the items at home.

A few tools required for the repair include:

  • Screwdriver
  • Suction cup
  • Pry tool
What is the process to replace the screen digitizer?

Before beginning a repair, power down the device. Then:

  • Remove all the screws along the phone. Remove the battery as well.
  • Separate the screen from the Samsung Galaxy S5. The pry tool will be handy for this step. Take extra care not to break the glass screen.
  • Remove the components from the screen assembly. Keep these parts on hand since you will need to reinstall them further on in the repair process.
  • You can now install the digitizer replacement. The removed components can now be reinstalled.
  • Power on the phone and see if everything is working. Once you have checked, power it back down.
  • Carefully snap your phone back into place.
  • Refasten all screws back into the Samsung Galaxy S5.
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