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Frequently Asked Questions About Scrubbers, Buffers, and Polishers

Scrubbers, polishers, and buffers are designed to polish floors and create a shinier surface. Often, these tools come with a variety of kits that help them run smoothly. Understanding the different types of scrubbers, polishers, and buffers on the market can help you buy one that is right for your specific cleaning needs.

What types of polishers are available?

There are several types of inexpensive buffers and polishers available on eBay, each of which can be used to buff your floor in several ways. Most of these tools will polish the floor by rapidly scrubbing them with a buffing or cleaning tool that wipes marks off of the surface quickly and easily.

In some cases, there are also unique buffers that eject a cleaning solution directly onto the floor. These are known as floor cleaners, and they create a shinier and smoother floor. One other important consideration is the type of power used to run these machines. These power types include:

  • Corded Scrubbers ? These machines must be plugged in to scrub your floors properly.
  • Propane Polishers ? Using these tools requires filling them up with high-quality propane.
  • Battery Buffers ? Battery power is used to control these machines and polish your floors.
Which features are available?

There are many different, exciting features available for these machines. One of the most common is variable speed. This option allows you to change how your machine buffs, polishes, and scrubs a floor. Most variable speed settings include options like low, medium, and high as well as multiple options in between.

Other features include multiple adjustable handles and automatic control options. Though you can't just let the machine go and watch it run on its own, automatic control does take some of the pressure off of pushing your device. It also provides a little more ease when using the machine.

What parts are included in the kits?

The kits that come with many of these machines include a multitude of parts, such as a recovery drain hose, many buffing pads, oil seals, pad holders, sweep brushes, and a plethora of squeegee blades. These items are included to help improve the operation of your machine. They are also included in case your machine breaks down due to the failure of these parts.

Replacing them on your own should be relatively simple and require only a minor amount of adjustment. Purchasing a new or pre-owned kit on eBay is wise if you plan on scrubbing multiple floors.