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Sea Ray Boat Parts

Whether you wish to keep your Sea Ray boat running well with preventative maintenance or repair or restore a vintage classic, the right parts can make a difference. Here is a guide to the OEM and aftermarket part options for your Sea Ray boat.

How are OEM and aftermarket Sea Ray parts different?

OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer. In this case, OEM parts are made directly by the Sea Ray company. Aftermarket parts are made by independent companies, offering the customer additional purchasing options. OEM parts may be designed to run exactly as the original stock pieces, or they may give you the option to modify something to your liking. Both types of parts may be used for replacing broken components or doing preventative maintenance on your Sea Ray craft.

What categories of Sea Ray engines exist?

Typically, boat parts are broken down into a few different categories. For Sea Ray and other powerboats, engines and/or motors can differ greatly between models, each of which requires a different class of parts. Within all of Sea Rays models, the engine is the least universal part and is instead specific to a certain type of boat model. Options can include:

  • Outboards: These boat motors are most typically found on smaller boats that dont offer the room to have an engine compartment. They come in two-stroke and four-stroke model types, which require very different care and parts due to the different ways that they work. They can be singular or paired. This is a powerful engine choice that is common in ski boats. Four-strokes run on gasoline, and two-strokes run on a gas/oil mixture.
  • Inboards: The engines on an inboard are housed, like a car, in an engine compartment. They can be singular or paired, and each engine will connect to a propeller that is positioned on the lower hull. Inboards may be gasoline- or diesel-powered and are the most common choice in very large vessels.
  • Inboard-outboards or stern drives: I/O motors, as theyre also called, offer a space-saving hybrid option between inboards and outboards. The engine itself is still inside the hull while the drive shaft is positioned under a transom on the back of the boat.
  • Jet drives: Jet drives are a propulsion method that does not use a propeller. Instead, water is sucked in through an impeller and blasted out the back as a spray of water. This can be used as primary propulsion on the back of a speedboat as well as for docking assistance on large boats in the form of bow thrusters and stern thrusters.
What other categories of boat parts does Sea Ray make?

Many other parts of vessels are relatively universal. It is still advised to check that a part is compatible with your boat before purchase. Parts fall into the following categories:

  • Boat accessories like lines and fenders
  • Fishing add-on equipment
  • Steering and electrical equipment
  • Hull, window, and other body maintenance and repair parts
  • Navigation equipment
  • Outdoor seating and canvas cover options
  • Bilge pumps, alarms, and other safety equipment