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Shields & Deflectors for Ford Escape

Ford Escape Shields and Deflectors

Theres nothing like driving off on a new adventure in your Ford Escape. Taking the back roads to find your own little piece of paradise is one of the most exciting ways to utilize your SUV. However, with back roads come lots and lots of bugs, so to provide protection for your car, consider installing a bug shield.

What types of shields are available for a Ford Escape?

If youve never considered a bug shield for your Escape before, a quick explanation of how they work will allow you to better choose the one that will work best for you. Bug shields create a slight change in the airflow over your cars exterior as youre driving. This directs the wind stream directly over the roof of your Escape rather than over the hood and directly into the windshield. Any bugs caught in this wind stream will flow over the roof instead of smashing into your windshield. With that said, there are several types of shields to choose from.

  • Smoke: These translucent bug deflectors come in a dark gray color. The neutral tone matches well with your Escapes exterior.
  • Chrome: If you have other chrome accents on your vehicle, a chrome bug deflector, or bugflector. will really complete the look.
  • Window Deflectors: These components are not meant for deflecting bugs but wind instead. If you have your windows slightly open for ventilation, the window deflectors prevent the rushing wind from coming into your car and negatively affecting aerodynamic performance.
What manufacturers produce deflectors for a Ford Escape?

You can purchase original equipment manufacturer bug and window deflectors. In addition, because these devices are such a common vehicle add-on, there are many aftermarket models available for your Escape. The one you choose will depend on the color you want and whether you want a stick-on or bolt-on unit. Each deflector is custom-made to specifically fit your Escapes model year to ensure the best aerodynamic performance. Ensuring that you match your selection to the model year you own is very important.

How do you install a deflector on a Ford Escape?

Most devices are installed using adhesive to attach the deflector to the body of the vehicle. Whether you install a bug shield or a window deflector, the procedure will be essentially the same.

  • Check to make sure your deflector fits your vehicle correctly by holding it up to its final location.
  • Make sure the surfaces where you will be placing your deflector are completely clean and dry. In the case of bug deflectors, this includes a small portion of the underside of the hood.
  • Install the paint protectors where the deflector clips will be located.
  • Remove the adhesive backing on your bug shield to expose the adhesive.
  • Snap the clips into place and press on the deflector to adhere the adhesive. Install bump protectors to protect your Escape should the deflector over flex.