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Jeep Grand Cherokee Bug Shields

Useful as well as attractive, Jeep Grand Cherokee bug shields are important accessories that prolong the beauty of the exteriors of these SUVs. By preventing unsightly bugs from hitting the hood or windshield of the Jeep Grand Cherokee, this important accessory helps preserve the finish of the SUV. It also helps to maximize visibility from within the vehicle by preventing bug splatters on the window.

What types of bug shields are available?Two basic types of deflectors are available:
  • Mopar: Fits Jeep Grand Cherokee models from 1999 to 2018
  • Weathertech: Fits Grand Cherokee models from 1999 to 2014
What are the differences between the types of bug deflectors?

The Mopar bug shield is styled in a wraparound fashion that develops an air stream that works to redirect insects and other debris away from the body and glass. This is done without interfering with the action of the washer or wipers. Additionally, it is constructed of strong polymers that are shatter-resistant and conform beautifully to the front of the hood.

The Weathertech shield uses high-grade acrylic for protection that is practically indestructible as well as being extremely scratch-resistant. It is also a beautiful addition to the body of the vehicle and easy to install.

Can you find a chrome bug shield?

There are additional styles that can be purchased for the Jeep Grand Cherokee, including some that are crafted with chrome. These deflectors are constructed of tough ABS plastic with a chrome-plated finish that can add a beautiful shine to the hood of the SUV.

Will the same style work for Cherokee and Grand Cherokee?

Not necessarily. Although the body styles and features of each model are very similar, they also have distinct differences. Typically the Grand Cherokee has a larger body style than that of the Cherokee.

It is always recommended to check the specifications for any accessory before buying in order to ensure that it will correctly fit the Jeep model for which it is being purchased.

What does a bug deflector do?

While there is no absolute rule on whether these accessories are necessary, many experts agree that they are a valuable asset to the life and beauty of the Grand Cherokee. They can help to preserve the life of the windshield by directing flying insects and road debris up and over the roof of the SUV. This also helps to reduce paint chips on the hood of the Grand Cherokee, since the impact of pebbles and other small sharp objects is greatly reduced.

Another benefit of using them is the aerodynamic design that has now been incorporated into their design. By streamlining the flow of air, it is possible that a slight improvement in fuel economy in the Grand Cherokee may result.