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Acura Integra Side Marker Lights

Standard headlights are what you might usually think about when discussing auto illumination on the Acura Integra. Side marker lights act as additional safety features along with the headlights, and they are specifically designed to cut through fog, rain, or snow with precision. Being able to see the road and being completely visible to other drivers are important factors to remember when purchasing headlights and side marker lights for the Acura Integra, and these products allow you to do this with impressive style.

What is significant about side marker lights?The side marker lights on the Acura Integra are also the turn signals, which makes them absolutely necessary for safe and legal driving. Located directly beneath the headlights, they are necessary for safe operation of the vehicle. If one or both stops working, it is dangerous to continue operating the vehicle without correcting the problem.Are side marker lights standard on the Acura Integra?

Side marker lights are standard on all models of the Integra, and they are an easy and affordable way to customize your car. Side marker illumination is designed to maximize visibility along with the headlights while driving in inclement weather. On the Integra, they are situated lower on the chassis than the main headlights so they wont interfere with the visibility of oncoming traffic.

What does OEM mean regarding parts for the Integra?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. While it doesnt necessarily mean that the original Integra manufacturer actually produced the part, it does mean that a company that is contracted to the manufacturer is producing the parts. Side marker lamps are not only a functional part of the design of the car but they are also made to look stylish as well. Purchasing these parts for the Acura Integra is an easy and affordable way to increase visibility. Because of the integrated design of the side marker lights, even Acura replacement parts look like they came straight from the showroom floor.

How do you install Acura Integra side marker lights?

It should take you only 30 to 45 minutes to install side marker lamps on your Acura Integra with the right tools and parts. Instructions are basic and are provided step-by-step when you receive your parts. The tips listed below may be helpful:

  • Wear protective gloves and goggles when replacing any of the lights on your car.
  • Cover the surfaces where you are working so the components will be protected if they drop while being installed.
  • Test the part prior to installation.
  • Ensure you have all the tools and parts ready and available before beginning.
  • Follow the manufacturers directions step by step.