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Jaguar X Type Side Marker Lights

Whether they have clear, deep amber or ruby red lenses, your Jaguar X-Type side marker lights are not just there to add aesthetic appeal to an already beautiful car. They help other drivers and pedestrians see you in conditions of low light, such as foggy nights. If one or both of your side marker lights go out, make sure to replace them right away.

How do you install Jaguar X-Type side marker lights?

The Jaguar X-Type side marker lights come in the “plug and play” option, which is very easy for a lay person to install. Your owner’s manual for your Jaguar X-Type will tell you how to access your side marker light. Once you have access to the broken light, replacing it is fairly simple. Most of these lights use LED or carbon filament bulbs. LEDs are efficient, do not give off much heat, and can last longer than the car. These attributes are some things to consider when you need a replacement.

How do you clean Jaguar X-Type side marker lights?

There’s nothing special or complicated about cleaning your Jaguar’s side marker lights. It’s best to clean them at the same time that you wash your car. Use a solution of mild dishwashing detergent and tepid water in a jug that attaches to your garden hose. That should be enough to get rid of a normal build-up of grime and dirt. Afterwards, thoroughly rinse away any residual soapy water. If you would like to really polish up headlights and sidelights, use a headlight polishing solution or window cleaner. Make sure you rinse and dry the lenses completely after you have washed them.

Is there an on/off switch for the Jaguars lights?

Your side lights will come on when you turn on your headlights. This is one way to test a new set after you have replaced the old ones. Turn on your headlights, then go out, and check the side lights. They should be on as well.

What models types are available for the Jaguar X-Type lights?

There are a variety of Jaguar X-Type side marker lights that you can choose from. Most of the marker lights offered fit Jaguar X-types from 2002-2008, but they may be appropriate for other years as well. You also have the option of going for brand names or unbranded selections of lighting. You can select OEM parts made by Jaguar or choose aftermarket lights, made by different manufacturers.