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Side Marker Lights for Pontiac GTO

Side Marker Lights for Pontiac GTO

Side marker lights are required by law in the United States for all vehicles produced after January 1, 1968. These side-facing implements help others on the road determine that a given vehicle is present and the direction its pointed in. These auxiliary safety lights shine whenever its vehicles tail and parking lamps are on to make other drivers aware your vehicle is there for the safety of all.

How do side marker lights work?

Side marker lights are basically lighting implements strategically placed at the front and rear of vehicles and trailers. When the headlights are on, so are they to help other drivers and pedestrians see the vehicle for safety reasons. In poor visibility conditions, these extra lights not only allow other drivers to know the vehicle is there but also helps them ascertain its size, direction, and position.

Side marker lamps are made up of a single-element carbon filament or LED light bulb housed in a small frame and socket. Frames are customarily attached to the vehicles front fender and rear quarter panel with snap retainers or screws. Side marker lights use single wires that are of a 16-gauge thickness that run from the bulb socket to the main headlight, taillight, or parking wire loom.

How do you select the correct side marker lights?

  • Whats it made of? Its important to look for materials durable enough to prevent wearing and cracking when you shop for markers, clearance lights, or reflectors. Strength is the important thing with these parts. The material should be top-quality translucent plastic or acrylic plastic. Heavy-duty lenses are crucial in preventing premature damage.
  • Pick a color: The color should intensify the bulbs brilliance. With that in mind, red and clear lenses are a better choice than the amber-colored ones. For a sharper illumination, clear lenses are a good choice because they dont filter out the projection of the lights, helping them fulfill their purpose. You can also order the lights in such a way that they enhance the appearance of your GTO and maybe even give it a unique look. Be sure the lens color matches the bulbs color. Also, make sure to select lights that will meet all U.S. legal requirements for such.
  • What type?: There are a lot of options available such as mini-truck and trailer lights, oval marker lamps, rectangular market lamps, round marker lamps, and cab-top marker lamps. There are a number of manufacturers that produce these, including Dorman, Eiko, General Electric, General Motors, Philips, Sylvania, and Wagner.