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Sirius Sportster - The Satellite Radio Receiver You Didn't Know You Needed

Whether you are at home or on the go, the Sirius Sportster radio will have you connected to your favorite satellite radio channels. These portable receivers, available on eBay, allow convenient reception of various content available on the Sirius satellite network. You get 24-hour access to news, music, talk, comedy, as well as specialty channels like holiday music and limited engagements.

How do you choose a receiver?

There are many choices for affordable receivers on eBay's site, and choosing the perfect one starts with deciding where you will be using the device most of the time. Home listeners may like the boombox versions of the Sportster as they allow for greater depth of sound and larger speakers. Those who like the option of having satellite radio in the car or at home will enjoy the versatility of the Sportster 4 or Sportster 5 with a home or car dock. All these choices are available new and pre-owned and can be found with a simple search on eBay.

What does the Sirius Sportster radio do?

This is an inexpensive, portable, satellite radio receiver that allows you to listen to content only available on the subscription-based Sirius satellite radio network. Most of the channels are broadcast commercial-free and are not available on any traditional AM or FM stations.

What do you need to get started using the receiver?

Depending on the model and where it is to be used, you may need a few extra things if they are not included in your purchase. Docks are an important piece of equipment. These can be specifically suited for home or auto and are model specific. You can find whatever part you may need on eBay.

  • Docking station for home: This may or may not include a receiving antenna which is needed for good reception.
  • Vehicle docking station: There are many different types which can allow for different mounting strategies such as dashboard or vent mounting.
  • Sirius Sportster antenna: These are usually necessary to get good reception and may also need a separate extension cord to get good placement, depending on the vehicle or home.
  • Power Adapters: Depending on vehicle or home use, a cigarette lighter or 12v plug-in adapter may be needed.
  • RCA cords: These may be needed to connect the receiver to a home audio system if you are not broadcasting through an FM station.