Sleeves/Pouches for iPad mini 2

Protect Your Tablet with a Sleeve

No matter what iPad you have, whether its the iPad Mini or the Pro, having a proper cover to protect your smart tablet is essential to having it in good working order without scratches or cracks. These cases are the type of accessory that can customize to fit your personality and aesthetic, as well as protect every square inch of your electronic investment.

What Materials Are the iPad Mini 2 Pouches Made Of?

  • Neoprene. Using the same material as diving suits, these neoprene iPad sleeves are incredibly durable, tearproof and waterproof. Most of these iPad Mini sleeves are black, but some may have colored trim. Many of these neoprene iPad sleeves have a zipper enclosure to full encase them in padded protection.
  • Leather. There are several styles of leather pouches or sleeves for the iPad mini. These leather pouches are very sturdy and have a classic look. They are either completely open or have a strap holding in the iPad with a Velcro or snap closure.
  • Nylon. These iPad covers are relatively inexpensive and vary in style for both adults and children. These are easy to carry with you, and slide into a bag, purse, or backpack. Some nylon iPad mini sleeves even have additional protective padding. Most of these iPad covers have a zippered enclosure.
  • Canvas. Canvas iPad Mini sleeves are classic and durable. These sleeves can have either canvas accents with leather trim or are fully canvas. These tablet covers come in many colors and prints and can have additional features such as stands and additional pockets for your iPad.
  • Silicone/Rubber. The silicone or rubber sleeves for the iPad Mini are a great way to have a slim cover that protects the entire exterior of your iPad. Some of these rubber sleeves are actual pouches that completely encase the iPad, while others are sleeves that you can slide the iPad Mini in and out of. These come in many colors and prints suitable for any aesthetic.

What Features Do These iPad Mini 2 Pouches Have?

  • Pockets. Some of the softer style of pouches have an additional pocket on the exterior of the iPad Mini case. Additionally, some of the folio styles may have a few extra built-in pockets in the folder part of the cover. These are great for storing extra accessories or personal documents.
  • Enclosures. There are a variety of enclosure types found on the iPad covers such as zippers, straps or completely open.
  • Waterproof. Some of the iPad covers are waterproof and full protect every inch of your tablet device. The materials as well as the enclosures completely seal off the iPad from any moisture exposure.
  • Built-in Stands. Some of the folio styles of the iPad Mini and Pro pouches have built-in stands that can fold in a way that props up the iPad like a TV or traditional computer. Even with the stand, these pouches are still very slim in design.

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