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Snap-on Combination Wrench Automotive Hand Wrenches

Snap-on combination wrenches are made in the U.S.A., and the brand prides themselves on having a wide variety of combination wrenches for every possible job. They are high-quality tools that both the professional mechanic and the weekend tinkerer appreciate. Whether you need one wrench or a shop full, Snap-on offers a complete and reliable line to choose from.

What is a combination wrench?

A combination wrench has a different style of head on each end. It is usually a combination of an open-ended wrench and a box-end wrench. Both heads of most combination wrenches are the same size, and they come in varying lengths.

What are Snap-on wrenches made of?

Snap-on makes its combination wrenches from forged steel. This makes them strong, durable, and resistant to breakage. The wrenches may have a bright chrome finish or a dark industrial finish.

What options does Snap-on offer in combination wrenches?
  • Size: Snap-on wrenches are available in metric or imperial sizes. They range from 7 millimeters to 25 millimeters in metric sizes or .25 inches to 1.31 inches in imperial.
  • Handle: You may choose a midget, short, standard, or long handle. The tools range from 81 millimeters to 356 millimeters long, depending on the handle.
  • Points: All the combination wrenches with short, standard, or long handles have 12-point box ends. The tools with midget handles may be 12-point or 6-point.
  • Continuous arc: The open end of Snap-on combination wrenches is made with a continuous arc configuration. This design makes the tool stronger by evenly distributing the force along its length.
  • Offset end: The box end of the combination wrench is tilted at a 15-degree angle. This lets you flip it to whichever orientation gives you the easiest access when you are working in a tight spot.
What are flank drive and flank drive plus wrenches?

These are both terms for features that are only available from Snap-on. Flank drive refers to the way the box end of the wrench works. It grips the sides of the nut rather than the corners. This allows you to loosen tight fasteners, even if the corners have been rounded.

Flank drive plus is a property of the open end of the wrench. Snap-on added teeth to the inside surface of the open end to give their wrenches 62 times more power. Snap-on wrenches that are not the flank drive plus type have the traditional smooth open end.

Are Snap-on combination wrenches available in sets?

Wrench sets are available in midget, short, standard, and long handle lengths. A set of 10 wrenches is common, but you can also find 7- and 14-piece sets. All the wrenches in each set are the same handle length classification and vary by the size of the heads. Sets are packaged in flexible sleeves or rigid plastic trays. Both can be used to organize and store the wrench set.