Snowboard Stomp Pads

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Snowboard Stomp Pads

While a stomp pad is not necessary for your snowboard, it is a nice addition that allows you to get traction while getting to and from the lift. These snowboard stomp pads also protect your board from getting scratched by your boot. Heres a guide to purchasing the correct stomp mat for you.

What is a snowboard stomp pad used for? 

A stomp pad is used on snowboards to provide traction for your foot. You will use it when you are snowboarding with one foot. This is often while you are skating to the lift at the bottom of the slope, getting off the lift, or if you are on a flat spot at the resort.

Many types of stomp pads exist: there are rubber pads, spikey mats, individually placed spikes, foam pads, and combinations of these. Metal stomps also exist.

Dakine, Volcom, Burton, Lib Tech, and One Ball Jay are some of the most common brands that sell stomp pads for snowboarding.

Where do you put a stomp pad on a snowboard?

The stomp mat should be placed in front of the rear binding so that the foot can rest against the outside of the binding. This will allow the placement of the stomp pad to create more control and stability when your foot is not strapped into the binding.

 What are rubber mats?

This style of snowboard stomp pad tends to have a large surface area which makes it easier to place your foot on the pad. This size allows you to get the best grip, which means the most control. Because of the material, the rubber will also flex and bend with your snowboard which allows it to stay placed in all conditions.

What are foam snowboard stomp pads?

These will compress and squash to give you traction while snowboarding. Foam pads also stay the same even if the temperature changes, whereas rubber pads will become harder in colder temperatures. These come in all shapes and sizes. They are also much lighter than the traditional stomp pads.

What are studs?

Stud style stomp pads can come as individually packaged studs or on a mat. The individual studs are the most customizable type available to give you the best traction and grip. They come in packs of multiple smaller studs which you can use to create your own design on your board.

Is mounting a stomp mat easy?

Yes. If one of your primary worries for buying a stomp pad is that they are difficult to put on, do not fear. You will first want to make sure the board is clean and dry. Then, heat up the adhesive with a hair dryer and press down hard on the pad. It will take about 12 hours to bond to the board and then you will be ready to go.