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What You Need to Know about Athlon 64 Processors with Socket 754

The socket 754 version of the AMD Athlon 64 is a family of single-core processors by Intel. It is designed to handle basic computer tasks such as web browsing, word processing, and multimedia in laptop and desktop computers. All of these CPUs use a socket 754 to connect with the computer's motherboard.

What is socket 754?

Socket 754 is a type of pin grid array in which the pins are arranged in a regularly spaced pattern on the underside of the package. It is compatible with any motherboard with the same type of 754 socket. It also supports single-channel DDR memory with a maximum of three unbuffered modules or four buffered modules. Buffered modules improve the signal integrity of the memory, so your computer can use more modules at the same time without the system becoming unstable. 754 is the first socket that supports AMD's 64-bit CPUs. 64-bit processors have a few advantages, including the ability to use more memory at the same time.

Which AMD Athlon 64 processors use socket 754?

The Athlon 64 family is grouped by different code names. The desktop processors include the 130-nanometer ClawHammer and Newcastle, as well as the 90-nanometer Venice. The laptop processors include the 130-nanometer ClawHammer and Odessa and the 90-nanometer Oakville and Newark. Each group may have different specifications, features, and performance levels.

What factors should you consider when choosing a processor?

  • Clock rate: The clock rate measures the CPU's ability to process a given workload.
  • L2 cache: The CPU has its independent memory pool, known as the cache. The CPU can save time and resources by checking the cache first before the main system RAM. There are two, sometimes three, levels of cache the CPU can access.
  • HyperTransport speed: HyperTransport is a type of high-speed data transportation system in the CPU. It reduces potential data bottlenecks and improves performance by creating point-to-point connections between different integrated circuits. The HyperTransport system will have its separate clock rate.
  • Thermal design power: The thermal design power measures how much heat can be safely dissipated by the cooling system under normal workloads. It is measured in watts.

What are some features of the AMD Athlon 64 processors?

Apart from basic instruction sets such as MMX and SSE, all Athlon 64 processors are equipped with a common set of security and power-saving features. One such feature is known as AMD Cool'n'Quiet, which can dynamically scale the clock rate to save power when the CPU is idling or under a low load. The laptop version of this technology is known as PowerNow. Athlon 64 processors also feature NX Bit, which can disable bad code or software before it infects other parts of the computer. These processors feature AMD Enhanced 3DNow, which enhances the CPU's ability to handle certain data sets for graphics.

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