Capture Bold Shots With a Camera Lens by Soligor

Soligor teleconverter lenses can capture images of objects that are both close and far away. The lens pieces on each product have practical magnification levels that give photographers opportunities to snap shots of animals that fly in the sky and bugs that crawl in nooks and crannies on the ground. These accessories can be used with a variety of series cameras by different brands.

What camera brands have hardware for the lenses?

Certain brands of cameras have a housing spot where you can mount a Soligor lens in place. The zoom range for specific lenses varies based on a product's technical requirements. However, most lenses have 4.5 zoom hardware or technology that can increase the zoom twice the traditional limit. These lenses can be used with camera bodies made by:

  • Canon
  • Konica Minolta
  • Nikon
  • Olympus
  • Pentax

All teleconverter lenses have grooves that help the hardware glide into to place on a camera body. Most pieces also include a cap that keeps dust and debris off of the glass surfaces after the hardware is secured on a camera base.

What are the different focal lengths and design options?

Many teleconverter lenses for different cameras are engineered with focal hardware that has a fixed/prime design or features that are specifically built for zoom functions. The length of the focal functions will vary based on the main hardware. General focal length options include 28 mm and 35 mm, which are suitable options traditional camera products. You'll also find lenses that are designed with 80-200 mm components.

Auto and manual modes are the main focus type options for many lenses. If you want to capture dramatic shots of moving objects or sprinting people and animals, an autofocus product is worth considering. This lens implements all of the focusing procedures automatically when the hardware senses that adjustments need to be made. Manual focus lenses give users opportunities to change shooting settings quickly in order to capture shots during tactical shooting routines.

What are the design specifications for general teleconverter lenses?

Multiple lenses by different brands are engineered with a glass housing and either a long or short frame. The length of a lens is influenced by a product's technology and design specs. Units that can shoot distance objects typically have the longest frames, which give the focal hardware the ability to zoom in on objects that are far away. Pieces that are built for traditional shooting situations have a more compact frame. All lenses with a long or short design scheme are built with a rotating scope. By using this dial, you can adjust the zoom during shooting routines.

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