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Listen to Your Favorite Music on Sony Headphones

A pair of Sony headphones with built-in FM Radio will provide you with music on the go. Many of these headsets are Bluetooth-enabled and have a stereo sound system. There is an assortment of designs to choose from with a variety of features.

What are the different models of Sony FM headphones?

Sony headphones come in a diverse range of styles. You can select a pair with wireless and Bluetooth capabilities or a version with a manual dial. The pair you choose depends on your personal preference. These are some of the styles available:

  • MW600: A digital wireless headset with inline control and Bluetooth capabilities. This device has 11 hours of talk time and radio play time.
  • TMR-RF970R: These are wireless stereo headphones with an adjustable headband. This device comes with a transmitter and power cord for charging.
  • SRF-H3: This device has two earpieces that can pivot while you to listen to local radio stations.
  • SRF-MQ11: This device has operating buttons on the ear clips. They have a mega bass feature that provides you with stereo sound.
  • TMR-RF970R: A pair of wireless audio headphones with large ear speakers with stereo sound.
What features do Sony FM headphones have?

These headphones have features for listening to music or answering and screening phone calls. Here are a few of the features to consider:

  • Wireless: A cordless headset with the ability to connect to additional wireless devices. You can screen and answer calls with this feature.
  • Noise-cancellation: With this function you can silence background sounds when you are taking a phone call.
  • Bluetooth: This feature offers you the ability to take phone calls or make calls from your headphones wirelessly.
  • OLED display: A screen that allows you to see your incoming calls, voice messages, and radio tuner.
What are the various types of Sony headphones?

There are different types of devices under the Sony brand that are designed to fit your personal needs. A few to consider are:

  • Sony Sports Walkman: This device has an antenna for receiving radio transmissions. It also has a preset memory function and synthesized receiver.
  • Walkman with belt holder: This device has a belt holster for securing the headset close to your body.
  • In-Ear lightweight: An audio device made to wear when you participate in sports and outdoor activities.
  • Canal type: A Bluetooth headset that captures radio frequencies and has a remote-controlled microphone.
  • Vintage Sony Walkman: This device has a stereo cassette player with a portable headset.
What colors do Sony headphones come in?

Sony audio devices are designed for your listening pleasure and are available in the following colors:

  • Yellow
  • White
  • Black
  • Green
  • Red
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