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Buick Enclave Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

The Buick Enclave is a mid-sized luxury SUV designed for family use in the city and on the road. Though some models come with mud and splash guards included, many do not. The addition of these accessories helps you keep your Enclave looking better and helps prevent debris damage.

What are splash guards?

Splash guards are perceived as accessories that fit behind the wheels of trucks to guard against an excessive splash of clear or muddy water. Many think of these as mud flaps that were once only used on heavy trucks to guard against the tossing of debris on other vehicles. Though that is an important aspect for trucks, it is not the principle concern for those who have invested in a luxury vehicle like the Buick Enclave, who want to keep their vehicle looking like new.

What are the benefits of splash guards?

For vehicles like this SUV, these extensions work to protect side and rear panels and undercarriages. While driving, your tires pick up stones, mud, salts, and other debris and spin them on to the surface of your Buick. Undercoats and paints dissolve away over time under this constant onslaught. Adding mud flaps behind each tire on your Buick Enclave can add extra months or years of life to your car.

How will adding splash guards affect a car’s look?

The mention of mud flaps brings to mind the solely functional mud flaps that fit behind 18-wheeler truck tires. The extensions created for the Enclave are customized for the vehicle. Each extension fits the fender wells. Buick has molded these additions to fit front and rear to appear as an extension of the body. The curved and molded look is pleasing to the eye while serving as a functional part that fits the driving experience.

Do these extensions come standard with the Enclave?

No. The extensions are not standard for either the front or the rear of the vehicle. Many Enclaves found on sales lots will include the mud flaps on either the front tires, rear tires, or both, but they come at an added sticker price, so keep this in mind when planning your purchase. If you purchase a Buick without the protective extensions, you will need to order one for each wheel and have them mounted to ensure a proper fit. Most often, you will purchase your mud flaps on your own as aftermarket extensions.