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Splash Guards and Mud Flaps for Chevrolet Impala

There are a variety of splash guards and mud flaps for Chevrolet Impala to choose from. Choices include products include factory as well as aftermarket parts, and can fit on the front or rear of the vehicle. Mud flaps and splash guards are a must for any car or truck owner looking to protect their vehicle.

Do mud flaps increase the life of my Chevy?

The main purpose of mud flaps and splash guards is to protect your car or truck from the elements. These accessories protect the cars undercarriage and body from water spray, snow, ice, mud, and gravel or sand. This prolongs the vehicles life by protecting the vulnerable parts of the vehicle from exposure, rust, and damage. Mud flaps and splash guards can also protect your paint job. Certain heavy-duty varieties of mud flaps and splash guards can take this protection to the next level.

Is it easy to install mud flaps and splash guards?

Splash guards and mud flaps are some of the easiest components to install. Most products come with required mounting hardware as well. This includes bolts and fasteners. Some types of splash guards or mud flaps are no-drill models. This means they can be installed simply with basic hand-tools. It is recommended to follow any instructions which come with the mud flap or splash guard.

How do you move the tires to attach these parts?

At first it may seem difficult to attach tight fitting splash guards, but the process is actually quite simple. Often, the trick is to move the wheels far to the side before trying to install the parts. Use the cars steering-wheel to change the direction of your wheels in order to get clearance for your drill or screw driver. Alternatively you could jack the car up and remove the tire.

Are these parts interchangeable between Chevy models?

The diversity of Chevys product line means that not every part fits every vehicle. The body dimensions and wheel sizes of other Chevy vehicles are often quite different from that of the Impala. Choose mud flaps that are labeled as compatible with your specific vehicle.

What are benefits of rear splash guards or mud flaps?

Rear mud flaps are a common sight on the highway. Unlike splash guards, which mainly have a protective effect on your own vehicle, rear mud flaps also act as a safety feature for other drivers. Rear mud flaps guard against splashing mud, snow, or water backward into traffic. They also prevent small rocks and gravel from flying backward and damaging the windshields of other drivers.