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Splash Guards and Mud Flaps for Chevrolet S10

Splash guards and mud flaps can do a great deal to reduce mud and debris from getting onto your tires and in the wheel wells. Your Chevrolet S10 is built to be powerful and strong, and the mud flaps help the tires make contact with the ground and minimize bumping with foreign objects. There are many styles and colors available so that you can make your Chevy stand out from the rest.

Which companies make mud flaps for Chevrolet S10 trucks?

You can find genuine OEM mud flaps for your Chevrolet S10. In many cases, these products will be emblazoned with the Chevy logo.

It is also possible to find splash guards and mud flaps for your S10 that are made by other companies. These companies manufacture and produce the products to the standards set by Chevy. Some of the companies that make these products are:

  • Reese Towpower
  • Performance Accessories
  • Keystone Automotive Operations
  • Energy Suspension
What is the performance method of installation?

There are two basic types of installations. The basic replacement will keep your Chevrolet S10 looking like it did when it left the factory. The flaps will fit according to the companys guidelines.

The performance method of installation and line of products allows you to replace the flaps in a different way. This may mean that the mud flaps are longer, narrower, or made from different materials. It may also be possible to change the location and function of the products to suit your needs.

What colors of mud flaps are available?

Black is the most prevalent color of splash guards for Chevrolet S10 trucks. If you want to change the appearance, you can also pick from gold, gray, red, silver, or tan.

Where do the mud flaps fit on the S10 truck?

There are splash guards available to fit directly behind all four of the wheels on your S10. In rare instances, some mud flaps can be doubled to further reduce the number of materials that come in contact with the tires and wheel wells.

What are the Chevrolet S10 mud flaps made of?

All of the mud flaps for Chevy S10 trucks are made from either durable plastic or high-quality rubber. It is likely that the front wheels will have the plastic style and the rear wheels will have the rubber. This is not always the case, though.

You may even find that some flaps are made of both plastic and rubber. The plastic portion would connect directly to your vehicle, and the flaps would be primarily rubber.