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Infiniti G37 Splash Guards & Mud Flaps

The Infiniti G37 is a luxury vehicle that is available in coupe, sedan, or convertible body styles. The Infiniti allows for different modifications based on what you want from your vehicle. You can add or replace the mud guards on the Infiniti G37 with several different options.

How do mud guards work?

Splash guards and mud flaps are designed to protect your Infiniti from damage while on the road. They help prevent effects from rocks, moisture, mud, and other road debris. These protective measures can reduce damage to your paint job by diffusing objects and causing them to fall away from your paint. Over time these splash guards and flaps can develop issues and may need to be replaced.

Do splash guards come painted?

Some splash guards come painted and you may be able to find options that are already the same color as your Infiniti G37. If youre buying used splash guards, they may require a new coat of paint to match. To ensure that you match the exact shade of your car, you can call your local Infiniti dealer with your VIN number and they can provide you with the exact shade. This information may also be found on the door jamb of your driver side door.

How do you install mud flaps on the Infiniti G37?

Most splash guards and mud flaps are relatively easy to install. If you are replacing existing splash guards, you can simply attach them after the removal of the old flaps. New parts likely come with the hardware required for installation. If youre buying used parts, you may need to purchase the installation hardware separately. Splash guards that go underneath your car may require professional installation as your Infiniti needs to be raised off the ground for installation.

Are there different styles of splash guards for the G37?

There are several different types of splash guards for the Infiniti G37. Some are designed to go underneath to protect the engine. Others connect to your fender in front of the rear wheels. The following information can help you choose the type of splash guard based on your specific needs for your vehicle.

  • Rear muffler mud-shield diffuser - Installs near muffler to reduce mud buildup
  • Rear mud flap - Designed to match the color of your Infiniti and attaches in front of rear wheel
  • Front mud guards - Match the car color and attach at the front fender
  • Engine shield - Protects the underneath of the engine from damage by mud, moisture, and debris
Do all mud guards work for your vehicle?

The mud guards for the Infiniti G37 are designed to fit based on the year of your vehicle. Once you choose the splash guards for your model year, you can then choose between guards that are already painted to match your vehicle or mud flaps that can be painted a matching color once you receive them.