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Car and Truck Splash Guards and Mud Flaps for Isuzu NPR

Car and truck mud flaps and splash guards are an important feature on Isuzu NPR trucks. In fact, rear mud flaps and splash guards are recommended equipment on all commercial motor vehicles to protect fellow drivers and pedestrians, as well as to keep debris from flying up and damaging your trucks body or engine.

How do truck mud flaps attach to the vehicle?

While you will find most Isuzu NPRs equipped with mud flaps behind the rear tires in the wheel well, they can also be attached behind the front tires. The debris, mud, and rain spins off the tires and hits the mud flaps, most of which lands back on the road. Much of what the mud flaps or splash guards do not stop, the truck fender will. The splash guards or truck flaps may attach to a bar from the frame that hangs out behind the rear wheels, or they may attach directly to the vehicle wheel well. While some require that you drill into the wheel well area to attach, others are no-drill models. The no-drill splash guards and flaps utilize the factory-drilled holes that are already in your vehicle.

How do mud flaps and splash guards differ?

Essentially, mud flaps and splash guards are the same thing; however, many people consider a mud flap a piece of rubber that hangs from a bracket, and as the name implies, flaps in the breeze. They consider splash guards as something rigid that does not move and contours to the wheel well to protect the engine from water, mud, and rocks. In fact, flaps may also be referred to as mud guards.

What are Isuzu NPR mud flaps made of?

Basic mud guards are made of rubber. They may be embossed with a company logo, feature chrome adornment, or have a stainless steel plate attached. Others are molded out of a hard plastic or metal specifically constructed to fit your Isuzu NPR.

Do all Isuzu mud flaps fit all models and years?

Mud guards that are contoured to fit the wheel well are design to fit model and year specifically, as do most truck parts. Whether you are looking for OEM mud guards or custom truck guards, make sure the parts are compatible with the specific year that your Isuzu NPR was manufactured. Even the rubber mud flaps that hang from a bracket come in different sizes, so it is important to choose the right part for the job.