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Volkwagen Beetle Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

Roads can be dirty, but VW mud flaps can keep that mess away from your Beetles paint job. Splash guards mount on the wheel wells to deflect dirt and debris. Available in a variety of styles, these accessories can add a touch of personality to your Volkswagen Beetle.

What is the purpose of mud flaps?

Litter, dirt, and debris can damage the body and the paint job of your Volkswagen Beetle. Mud flaps, which are also known as splash guards, are rubber, plastic, or metal accessories that deflect these road hazards so that they do not hit the body of your Volkswagen. They attach to the wheel wells of your VW vehicle, and they typically are held in place with nuts and bolts.

What types of road debris do splash guards deflect?

Mud flaps not only help keep your vehicle clean, but they also prevent dents and other permanent damage. Here are some examples of the things these accessories can provide protection from.

  • Water: On a rainy day, mud flaps can deflect the water that your tires kick up while driving. This can reduce water spots and damage from contaminants in the water on your VW vehicle.
  • Mud: Wet roads arent the messiest hazard of a rainy day. Rain can also produce muddy conditions. Fortunately, guards can keep this mud off of your VW.
  • Snow: Fresh snow leaves your VW Beetle wet, which can be bad enough, but old, slushy snow is both wet and dirty. Offer your VW Beetle protection from this mess by installing VW mud guards.
  • Salt: Winter road conditions include not just snow but also salt. Particles of salt that hit your Volkswagen Beetle may put chalky marks on the paint and, over time, lead to rust.
  • Dust: These parts are important in dry climates, too. They can provide protection from dirt and dust that can leave a film on your Volkswagen.
  • Sand: Grains of sand are not only dirty, but they may also scratch the paint of your VW.
  • Gravel: Small rocks that hit your Volkswagen Beetle can create dings and scratches. These abrasions can lead to rust.
What should you look for in Volkswagen splash guards?

Mud flaps are available in a variety of styles, so you can select a set that suits the look you want for your Volkswagen Beetle. Some of the possibilities are the following, and there’s many more choices.

  • VW Logo: A branded logo is a widely sold accent for Volkswagen mud flaps.
  • Shape and Style: Splash guards may be molded plastic or rubber flaps. Although flaps can provide better coverage, the plastic style is usually sufficient coverage for a car the size of your VW Beetle.
  • Vents: Openings in a mud flap may increase the aerodynamics of your car.
  • Position: Splash guards can be mounted on both front and rear wheel wells. For maximum protection, install these parts in both the front and rear spots.