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Splash Guards and Mud Flaps for Volkswagen Golf

A good way to protect your Volkswagen Golf is by adding high-quality splash guards and mud flaps. The mud guards and flaps help to reduce the amount of mud, water, or other debris that flies into the air due to the rotation of the tires. There are many types to choose from no matter model or year splash guards and mud flaps for Volkswagen Golf you need.

What brands of mud flaps are available?

You can get mud flaps and splash guards that are genuine OEM products. This means that these parts are produced by the Volkswagen company specifically for the Golf vehicle. You can also choose unbranded products or aftermarket-branded accessories. These branded items are produced by worldwide companies that make vehicle accessories. Some of these companies include:

  • Aftermarket Products
  • Keystone Automotive Operations
  • Martins
  • Powerflow
  • Prozone
What are the mud flap colors?

although you can always choose the original colors that came with your Golf, some other colors include:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red
  • Silver
Where do the mud flaps and splash guards go?

Typically, you place splash guards on the front driver and passenger sides of the Golf. Both sides on the rear of the automobile also have mud flaps. As a result, it may be possible to put either the guards or the flaps near all four tires or you can reverse the more common locations.

You have two options to fit these to your vehicle. The typical replacement method will allow you to keep your vehicle looking as it did when it came from the manufacturer. However, if you want to change the style or function of the flaps or mudguards, you can have them installed using the performance method. This method may allow you to change the location or the appearance of the protective products to suit your expectations. You should always consult the owners manual before changing any of the recommended parts.

What are these products made of?

The primary composition of mud flaps is a rubber material, and splash guards consist of a solid rubber or hard plastic resin. The pliability of the rubber near the rear of the vehicle helps the items to keep their shape and work properly for a long time. Although the resin or rubber splash guards are specially designed to be efficient and stylish, no matter which items you choose, they can be easily cleaned with water, soap, and a soft-bristled brush.