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Spoilers and Wings for Chevrolet Equinox

Spoilers and wings for the Chevrolet Equinox can be attached to the front bumper, rear window, or trunk. Spoilers u001aspoilu001a the airflow over the vehicle, which reduces the drag and may increase gas mileage. Wings produce downward force, allowing for better handling and performance.

What types of spoilers are there for the Chevrolet Equinox?

There are several designs of spoilers available for the Equinox depending on what effect you are going for. Some spoilers just change the style and appearance of the car, while other spoilers will impact the performance by changing the aerodynamics.

  • Front spoilers: By reducing drag and increasing miles per gallon, front spoilers, attached to the nose or inside the front bumper, manipulate the airflow. This change in aerodynamics allows the vehicle easier forward momentum.
  • Roof spoilers: These are mounted over the rear window. They are attached to the cars roof and do not obstruct the rear view.
  • Pedestal spoilers: Like a tabletop with legs, this style of spoiler sit up on supports and the supports are affixed to the top of the trunk. Pedestal spoilers can improve handling performance at higher speeds by increasing the downward pressure on the car and tires.
  • Lip spoilers: Lips are a more compact style and are installed on the lip of the trunk matching the slick lines of the body. Lip spoilers are sometimes called whale tail or duck tail spoilers.
  • Lighted spoilers: These back spoilers ensure greater visibility. They work in conjunction with the brake lights, turn signals, and driving lights.
What material are spoilers and wings made of?

The attachments are manufactured with either a lightweight metal or plastic.

  • ABS plastic: This is the most common material used to mold spoilers and wings. ABS plastics are stable with the ability to withstand impact.
  • Fiberglass: When combined with epoxy, fiberglass forms durable products.
  • Silicone: Silicone is known for its plasticity and its ability to hold up over long periods of time.
  • Carbon fiber: This is a polymer-based plastic material. It is lightweight and strong.
What are the benefits of spoilers and wings?

Beyond outward changes in appearance to the Chevrolet Equinox, there are several functional advantages to these exterior add-ons.

  • Improved traction: When increasing speed, the rear spoilers will push down on the back end, causing better tire traction.
  • Better MPG: Front spoilers reduce the air drag, which means the transmission will not have to work as hard. This makes the engine more efficient and saves on fuel consumption.
  • Increased visibility: Rear-lighted wings and spoilers aid in night driving, braking, and lane changes.
  • Better braking control: At higher speeds, rear spoilers maximize the downward force. The increased pressure allows for greater braking performance.