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Nissan 370Z Spoilers and Wings

A Nissan 370Z, whether its a coupe or a convertible model, is sleek and modern. Putting on a spoiler (also known as wings) can add to that style. You have a choice of parts to consider for your Nissan, ranging from standard pieces to high-end custom spoilers.

What do Nissan 370Z spoilers do for a car?

Racing vehicles driven by professionals use spoilers to help their engines perform at their highest levels since the parts are designed to reduce drag and change the way the air flows around a car. The same idea applies to regular drivers and standard engines. It is hard to determine exactly how much more efficient you can be with a spoiler mounted on your Nissan 370Z, but its effects of reducing drag do help increase your Nissans speed. Spoilers also give a sporty look to your vehicle.

What are spoilers for the Nissan 370Z made of?

Its important that a spoiler be lightweight and rigid. Whatever you choose, youll be giving your Nissan 370Z vehicle an upgrade. Spoilers can be made from ABS plastic, fiberglass, silicon, or carbon fiber.

  • ABS plastic: This is a common material used to make spoilers. ABS stands for acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, and as a polymer, its been designed to be resistant to heat and impact.
  • Fiberglass: This material can be enhanced using epoxy or another resin.
  • Silicon: A silicon polymer can be molded into any shape. Once set, its very durable and long-lasting.
  • Carbon fiber: Some very high-quality Nissan 370Z spoilers may be made using carbon fiber, especially those that are made for custom-designed coupes.
How do you install spoilers on a Nissan 370Z?
  • 1. Tape the given template to your Nissan, making sure you use precise placement.
  • 2. Use a center punch, or another tool with a fine pointed tip, to mark the center of the drill holes.
  • 3. Remove the template and prepare your work area. Many people prefer to use an old bed sheet under the hatch or trunk to catch the metal shavings.
  • 4. Use a drill to make the necessary holes in the Nissan. Rust-proof the holes. There are various products and methods, and your instructions will likely include a specific way you could follow.
  • 5. Put in any plastic grommets you may have received. Carefully place the spoiler on top of your Nissan, pushing it into place on top of the grommets as necessary.