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Spoilers & Wings for Nissan Maxima

Nissan Maxima Spoilers Wings

The Nissan Maxima is stylish right off the factory line. With the addition of wings, also referred to as spoilers, the Maxima can get a touch of aerodynamic reinforcement in a sharp package. Wings for the Maxima are offered in many different styles and sizes.

What rear spoiler styles are offered for the Nissan Maxima?

The Nissan Maxima has five main accessory options. Drivers can choose a style dependent on what meets their stylistic visions. The five spoiler types for the Maxima include the following:

  • Custom style
  • Factory style
  • Lip
  • Rear window
  • Body kit
Are Nissan Maxima spoilers vehicle specific?

Nissan Maxima spoilers are both universal and vehicle specific. Universal accessories can be installed on any vehicle with no or little modifications. All vehicle specific accessories for the Maxima are usually interchangeable.

Vehicle specific Nissan Maxima wings will require the buyer to choose a model year from 1989 to present. Once the year of the sedan has been chosen, other options will become available, which allows a driver to get an accessory that fits.

How are body kit spoilers installed on a Nissan Maxima?

If you want to install a body kit for your Nissan with a spoiler already built into it, you can. There are many premium pre-built body kits that snap onto a car. A full body kit includes a bumper valance and fenders. Extra parts do not have to be installed with this kit because they are built right into it. Pre-made spoilers are also available in valances, bumper lips, and trunk lids.

Do factory-style rear spoilers have a third brake light?

The Nissan Maximas third brake light is installed in the rear windshield of the car. With a rear spoiler, the third light might be obstructed. Factory-style options are available with or without a light installed. If a driver is worried about the windshield light being obstructed by the new unit, a factory-style spoiler with a third light will take care of the issue.

Should a Nissan Maxima spoiler be ordered pre-painted?

When ordering your factory or aftermarket units, you will have the choice to order a pre-painted part or one that is ready to paint. Whichever model you use, it is recommended that the part be painted before it is installed on the vehicle. The reasons to consider a pre-painted spoiler are that the item is ready to install right out of the box, and you can get a better paint match, whether youre looking for a spoiler in white, platinum or red.