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Subaru Outback Spoilers and Wings

The Subaru Outback is a great automobile that allows for some off-roading, has a good level of stability, and is also capable of some respectable speeds. Subaru designed the Outback to be a fairly versatile car that has a wagon-style design. Many enthusiasts have taken to installing rear spoilers and wings on their Outback wagon.

What is the benefit of one of these car components?

While many people associate the rear spoiler or wing with speed, one of these car components on your Subaru Outback actually provides a more complex function. When you’re under speed, a rear spoiler actually helps your car perform more aerodynamically. While the Outback is far from a racecar, it does have a shaping that will help it perform as an airfoil.

A spoiler helps disrupt the natural lifting that happens when you’re driving at high speeds so that the car ends up having a firmer grip on the pavement. This creates down force. Down force doesn’t actually help you generate more speed;, but rather helps to increase your handling since your Subaru will have an easier time gripping.

Is there a difference between a spoiler and a wing?

There are various model options for spoiler and wings for a Subaru Outback, and which you pick will depend on various factors. Both spoilers and wings are designed to reduce up-lift on a vehicle, which gives the vehicle increased handling capabilities. Spoilers “spoil” the airflow – effectively creating a barricade to up-lift so that you’ll be able to corner with more ease.

Wings on your version of the Outback are designed to push the air upwards and thusly cause the vehicle to be pushed down. This also produces down force so that your vehicle can corner more efficiently.

How does the Subaru Outback benefit from a spoiler?

This SUV model of Subaru may experience some slight lift, especially when driving fast. Additionally, crosswinds have a tendency to cause a bit of lift for this Subaru model. A good spoiler will help block some of the airflow, which will help negate some of the lift on your wagon. As a result, your auto will gain a bit of extra grip to the road.

Can these products also house brake lamps?

While there’s definitely value having spoiler or wing, it’s also nice when they add other functionality than just creating down force for your wagon. Most models of spoilers and wings also have wiring setups and lamps so that they will light up when you’re braking. This is a safety feature that also adds some aesthetic functionality to the spoiler experience.