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Improve Your Game With Srixon Golf Club Iron Sets

Whether you are striving to win the biggest tournament or just trying to beat your favorite opponent, a well-designed set of golf clubs can help you reach your goal. Check out the many new and used Srixon golf club iron sets on eBay, and get ready to spend some quality time on the golf course.

Types of clubs in Srixon sets

You can find a variety of affordable Srixon golf club sets, including:

  • Women's - Graphite golf club sets for women, like the Z355, may feature steel cup-face construction to maximize distance and forgiveness.
  • Men's - Men's golf club sets include their Z 585 and Z 785. Many are made with forged carbon steel, with some having added speed groves, while others have additional weight behind the impact location.
  • Senior's - Srixon also makes golf club sets for senior players, like their Z-steel. Many have 18.5-degree heads that make it easier to hit the ball farther.
What does a standard Srixon golf club set include?

Most courses allow each player to bring no more than 14 clubs. These clubs often consist of:

  • Drivers - These clubs are used to hit the ball off the tee. Their large club-head size can also make them useful for hitting the ball on the fairway.
  • Fairway woods - Golfers usually choose these clubs to hit the ball on the fairway; they can also be used to hit the ball off the tee. They usually have a lower sweet spot than drivers do.
  • Irons - Srixon irons are usually played on the fairway. They can help a golfer to get out of rough spots. Most players carry 3 irons through 9 irons.
  • Wedges - These clubs have a thin face that's designed to hit the ball high into the air. They are helpful for getting out of tight spots. They usually have dedicated purposes, like getting a ball out of the sand.
  • Putters - Use putters to roll the ball along the ground to the hole. Different shapes and inserts change the way these clubs feel.
Get a blend of features with Srixon hybrid clubs

Hybrid clubs, like Srixon H65 and H85, can replace Srixon irons 1 to 3. These clubs have a specially designed head to increase forgiveness by lowering the center of gravity. They also have a larger head, making it easier to hit the ball. Hybrid clubs often lift the ball higher to make it easier to get out of tight spots.