Sterling Silver Fine Bracelets

Sterling Silver Fine Bracelets

As one of the most versatile metals when it comes to jewelry, sterling silver seems to complement every type of look whether its for day or night. Bracelets express a womans personal sense of style with a variety of designs to choose from, including thick, wide cuff bracelets or slim, delicate chain designs. Sterling silver bracelets can be embellished and enhanced with a variety of accents, including diamonds, gemstones, or charms to give them even more personality.

What Are Some Bracelet Styles?

When it comes to womens bracelets, there are numerous sterling silver styles to select from to match up with every womans style aesthetic. Bracelets range from thin and delicate to oversized and chunky. Select the right bracelet based on where youll wear the jewelry and on which sterling silver styles most appeal to you.

  • Bangle Bracelet: A bangle bracelet doesnt have any give; its a solid, stationary piece of silver that you slide onto your wrist. The only opening is the one you slide your hand into to put the bracelet on. Layering bangles makes a chic statement, and bangles come in many styles.
  • Cuff Bracelet: Like a bangle, a silver cuff bracelet isnt flexible either, but it does have an opening to make slipping the jewelry on a breeze. A cuff can be thin or thick and embellished with engraved designs, gemstones, or beads.
  • Charm Bracelet: Made up of silver links, these bracelets allow you to customize your own piece of jewelry. Charms come in many unique designs, colors, and sizes, and slip or clip onto sterling silver links on the bracelet to create a personal piece.

What Stones Are Used in Sterling Silver Bracelets?

While a sterling silver bracelet in itself makes a statement, a little sparkle adds another dimension of glamour and makes a bracelet more suitable for evening wear. Many types of stones are used to accent all types of bracelets, ranging from colorful gemstones to sleek diamonds.

  • Pearl Beads: Understated yet elegant, a bracelet accented with pearls has a special-occasion look to it. This could range from a single pearl to multiple beads forming the entire length of the bracelet.
  • Diamond Stones: The classic diamond makes a striking statement when combined with sterling silver. These styles range from understated bangles with a few diamond accents to tennis bracelets festooned with multiple diamonds.
  • Colored Stones: Sterling silver goes well with just about any type of gem, whether its a ruby, sapphire, emerald, turquoise, or amethyst. These fine sterling silver bracelets come in many versions that range from a chain-link sterling silver bracelet dotted with stones to a tennis bracelet created with amethysts instead of rubies.

What Are Some Sterling Silver Jewelry Brands?

There are many brands that create genuine sterling silver pieces, and some are known for their silver bracelets. When browsing for the right piece of sterling silver jewelry, consider some famous jewelry brands known for their attention to detail, quality metal, and timeless designs.

  • Tiffany & Co.: Known for high-end sterling silver jewelry, Tiffany & Co. offers a variety of sterling silver bracelets. Some of these include the brands diamond and silver Infinity Bracelets, heart-tag silver bracelets, and solid sterling silver cuff designs.
  • David Yurman: David Yurman offers intricate and detailed silver bracelet designs, including leather styles accented with sterling silver as well as cuff silver bracelets and link sterling silver bracelets.
  • Alex and Ani: This delicate jewelry brand creates sterling silver pieces with small accents, such as the infinity symbol, hearts, arrows, and flowers. Made from genuine sterling silver, the pieces offer multiple design options.

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