Sombreros de vaquero de paja para hombre

Straw Men's Cowboy/Western Hats

A straw cowboy hat is characterized by its high top, wide brim, and weaved straw. Beginning with the original Stetson, the cowboy hat is a quintessential piece of attire used by North American cowboys. Straw hats in the cowboy style simultaneously act as a fashion statement and protection from weather.

What comprises western fashion?

Western fashion features clothing derivative from the Wild West in the 1800s. Minor influences include the Civil War era, country musicians, and Mexican vaqueros. The centerpiece of Western wear is the cowboy hat. It is featured in every iteration and subgenre of the fashion style. Western fashion can range from casual work attire to straw hat wearing farmers to the formal suit and large brim Stetson combination.

How do you measure your hat size?

The easiest way to figure out your hat size is by using a tape measure. In order to measure, it must be wrapped completely around the head. The tape should be situated above the eyebrows and over the temples, where the brim of a straw cowboy hat would be.

What selection of straw hats is available?

There are a variety of hats available to suit just about any occasion or setting. Some of these include:

  • Jason Aldean Collection: Country music superstar Jason Aldean has his own collection of straw hats. One attention-getting entry is the jet black Asphalt Straw Cowboy Hat, made from authentic Black Mexican Palm Straw. If you're looking for something with light brown palm straw, the Jason Aldean collection also has the large brim Amarillo Sky. Fellow country musician George Strait has his own cowboy hat, the Hazer 10X Shantung Straw Cowboy Hat, as part of his line. This straw cowboy hat is a classic large brim Stetson style cowboy hat with a special cooling sweatband on the inside.
  • For business: There are excellent straw cowboy hats suitable for business settings, as well. The palm straw hats have a sleek and clean look, with a quality and style matched to wear with a black suit. There are also hats with a bit more edge that are smaller and slightly more casual. This is also to keep the hat's brim from getting in the way.
  • Casual: Additional styles exist for the rugged, blue collar working man who wants to stay fashion conscious. These are simpler work cowboy hats with brims wide enough to fully protect the face and neck from the sun. They are also rather durable to stand up to rain.