Subaru Performance Racing Parts

Subaru introduced its two-door city microcar, the Subaru 360, in 1958, and the company produces diesel, electric, and supercharged models. Apart from a brief flirtation with Formula 1 with Team Coloni in 1990, Subarus racing activities have been mostly confined to rally sports. The Subaru Legacy and the Subaru Impreza are two of the makers models.

What does a coilover do on a Subaru?

A coilover is a type of spring that forms part of the suspension system on your Subaru Impreza. The suspension is part of the chassis. It supports the weight of the engine and other components, absorbs and dampens shock, and helps maintain contact between the Subarus tires and the surface of the road.

Are there other types of springs?

The springs, one over each wheel, front and rear, compress and expand to absorb the motion of the wheels. Springs are often incorporated into parts kits to make sure they are optimally compatible with the shocks and other parts of the system. Good springs may make your Subaru manageable on the racetrack.

Other types of springs that you might put on your Subaru racing car apart from the coil spring are the air spring, the leaf spring, and the torsion bar. Each of these contributes to the maneuverability and stability of your racing vehicle.

What is a rod pitching stopper on a Subaru?

Situated between the firewall and the upper part of the engine, the rod pitching stopper helps fight the tendency of the engine and the transmission to rotate in the opposite direction to the course of the front wheels. With this stopper, you should improve control and improve the racing performance of your Subaru.

In what sizes is a Legacy WRX injector available?

The smallest WRX injector is the OEM 02-05 WRX injector, which flows around 420cc IIRC. The largest WRX injectors are the 06 Blue Tops, which flow 550-575ccs IIRC. These injectors are sometimes offered as parts of kits.

How do you change the Subaru cover and clutch?

One option is to get one of the clutch kits that are readily available and assembled for maximum parts compatibility with each other. The types of kits you are describing often come supplied with a pressure plate, racing disc, and bearing kit.

What kind of Subaru pads and wheels are there?

Legacy brake pads may be solid or vented. Venting helps keep the discs cool.

Aluminum alloy wheels are lighter and therefore preferable in a race compared to their steel counterparts. A lighter wheel is faster and may be more fuel-efficient.

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