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Jeep Liberty Car and Truck Sunroofs, Hard Tops, and Soft Tops

For those who yearn for the freedom of the open road, have a sense of rugged adventure, and the desire for a close experience of the landscape, Jeep vehicles offer drivers and passengers a way to travel through off road conditions with a heightened experience of the world around them. The Jeep Liberty, while offering a more traditional SUV seating configuration, also features an optional sunroof. Replacing or upgrading your Jeep Liberty sunroof, hard top, or soft top can enhance your driving experience while adding life to your vehicle.

What does a Jeep Liberty sunroof visor do?

While many drivers thrill to the rush of wind that flows through the open sunroof of their vehicle, the increased airflow of an open sunroof can be bothersome. Adding a sunroof visor to your Jeep Liberty car or truck will allow you to enjoy the vistas and views of your open sunroof without experiencing the increased wind turbulence inside your Jeep. The visor also may decrease wind sound as the air is redirected around the open sunroof by the visor.

Can you replace the motor in your Jeep Liberty sunroof?

As most vehicle designs have changed over time to include a greater number of power-operated systems, such as power-operated sunroofs, the need to maintain the motors that operate these systems has increased as well. If your sunroof is power operated and is experiencing difficulty in opening or closing, or is making a rattling or grinding sound when opening or closing, or is simply inoperable, a replacement to the motor may be required. The motor operates as a sliding gear drive.

Are there replacement seals for a Jeep Liberty sunroof?

Understanding how the seal of your sunroof works and maintaining its integrity will help you both preserve the interior of your car as well as improve the performance of your sunroof and extend its lifespan.

The seal system of your sunroof is made up of rubber and acts as a large gasket around the opening of your sunroof, preventing rain and other moisture from entering your car. If you begin to experience leaking from your sunroof, you should first check and inspect the seal of your sunroof. If you see damage, cracking, or missing pieces, you will need to replace the seal. You can do this yourself or use the help of a professional. However, if the seal is intact, you may simply need to clean out the portion of the seal which houses the sunroof glass. This edge can become filled with dust, dirt, and other grime which may make it difficult or impossible for the sunroof glass to fit snugly into the groove, causing leaks and water ingress.