Superfeet Green Insoles

Feel Comfortable All Day With Superfeet Green Insoles

Whether you work in a hospital, factory, or anywhere in between, you can wear Superfeet green insoles to reduce pain. These insoles fit in almost any type of shoe and provide extra comfort. You can find new and used Superfeet green insoles on eBay.

What are some of the top features of the insoles?

The Superfeet green insoles are just one of the types that the company makes. Some of the features of these insoles include:

  • Wide cup: A deep and wide cup used around the heel of each insole provides more support. The cup will also absorb some of the shocks that occur each time you take a step.
  • High profile: The high profile of this insole increases the distance between your foot and the ground. It works with the natural arch of your foot to reduce some of the pain you usually experience.
  • Foam cushioning: Most of the insoles construction uses foam cushioning that adds padding to every step you take. This foam absorbs shocks and can reduce damage to your feet.
  • Odor control: The green insoles also come with built-in odor control. This feature absorbs sweat and bacteria to reduce odors.
What size insoles do you need?

Superfeet makes insoles for kids and adults. Kids who wear a size 13.5 to a size 2 wear a size A insole. The B size fits childrens feet up through a size 4. Sizes C through H correspond to adult shoe sizes. The manufacturer recommends sizes C through H for men and B through F for women. Those sizes will fit men who wear up to a size 17 and women who wear up to a size 12.5. If you wear a larger size of womens shoes, you can use the mens insoles. For additional information, see the manufacturer site for details.

How do the other insoles compare?

When you compare Superfeet green vs. orange or another color, youll find that those colors work for different people. Superfeet designed its blue insoles for hikers and those who run frequently. They have a lower profile than the orange and wont take up as much space inside your shoes. The orange insoles fit inside hiking boots and larger shoes without causing any discomfort. Superfeet green insoles are a good choice for those who work long hours or spend a lot of time standing.

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