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Swiss Legend Watches Parts and Accessories

Switzerland has a rich history of watchmaking. Watchmakers from this country have been praised over the years for their craftsmanship, attention to detail, innovation, and watch parts and accessories. Swiss Legend, a manufacturer still based in Switzerland, is known for designing meticulously crafted watches for men and women.

What are some of the Swiss Legend brand features?

Swiss Legend watches come with a range of benefits. Some of the features include:

  • Top-grade materials: Horologists at Swiss Legend make use of top-grade materials and components fashioned by the latest technologies. For example, 3D rendering is one of the technologies used in the quality control process.
  • Independent design: The company has more than 30 years of experience in watchmaking. Over those three decades, the Swiss Legend designers have developed a proprietary style of quality watches.
  • Swiss assembly: Each chronometer is crafted and hand-assembled based on the timepiece-building Swiss tradition. Manufacturing for this make is exclusively done in the APAC region.
  • Swiss movements: The watches may feature an array of designs, such as mechanical, automatic, or quartz. Each design features Swiss movements that are intended to be highly functional.
How are Swiss Legend timepieces ranked?

Swiss Legend ranks each of the watches in its collection based on water resistance. The ranking ranges from one to five, with the measurement based on increasing water resistance. Those in rank one have no water resistance and should be kept away from moisture. On the other end, watches in rank five are resistant to water to a depth over 200 meters.

What Swiss Legend parts or accessories are available?

In some cases, a watch owner may want to replace some parts or accessories to keep a device running well. Some of the available parts include the following:

  • Hands: Depending on the watch, these may include hour, minute, and second hands that denote the time.
  • Band: This is the metal or leather bracelet that wraps around your wrist to keep the watch in place.
  • Crown: As the knob on the outside of the watch, this is used to set the time.
  • Bezel: This metal ring, which surrounds the watch dial, has the markings that measure time.
What materials are used in Swiss Legend watches?

The majority of watches from this brand use 316L surgical stainless steel. Due to its water resistance, durability, and non-corrosive nature, the metal is used in the bezels, cases, bracelets, and clasps usually offered. Other materials are also used to create a specific aesthetic for each watch. These materials may include carbon, tungsten, titanium, or ceramic.