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Buick Skylark Taillights

With its small, round headlights, the long, low bar of its taillights, or its hefty 350 engine, the Buick Skylark was a muscle car ahead of its time. Low to the ground with a wide wheelbase, the Skylark was a sporty and fun vehicle, with an edge that put it on par with cars like the Mustang or Camaro. Learn about the Buick Skylark taillights for potential replacements and upgrades.

What causes faulty interior or brake lights in Buick Skylark?

If your Skylark is getting power from the car engine and neither the interior car lights nor the vehicle brake lights are working correctly, you should first check for a blown fuse. If the problem persists after replacing the fuse in the car, it could be indicative of a more serious electrical issue and should be taken to a professional for a more thorough vehicle diagnosis.

Are there aftermarket taillights for Buick Skylark?

Depending on the model, you can find a whole catalog of interior and exterior aftermarket fittings and accessories for your Buick. Whether youre mechanically inclined or if you choose to pay to have the car work done, there are several options to choose from when it comes to aftermarket taillights for the Buick Skylark. Some common taillight conversion kits can give you double or triple panels of lights, brighter or dimmer lights, and square or rectangular lights on the back of your car.

How do you change the taillights on your Buick Skylark?

It is not difficult to change the taillights on a Buick Skylark. It should be noted that since the taillights turn on along with parking lights or headlights in the Buick, it is recommended that you change both sets of taillights whenever one goes out.

  • Open the trunk of your Buick Skylark to gain access to the car taillight housing.
  • Carefully remove any bolts (possibly wing nuts) that are holding the casing in place to the body of the Buick.
  • Once the light is away from the body of the Skylark, simply twist and pull the old bulb to remove and replace it.
  • With the taillights in place, reattach the bolts to secure it back to the body of the Skylark.
  • Repeat the procedure with the remaining car taillights and test them before driving the Buick.
What causes Buick dash lights to come on while braking?

Depending on the model of your Buick, you can probably rule out an engine problem. For a Skylark or similar model Buick, it could be several issues. If all of the lights are emitting a dull glow when illuminated, the problem could be a faulty ground connection. If the rear lights of your vehicle have been replaced recently, check to see whether the incorrect light was used. You can also have the car looked at by a Buick dealer or mechanic if the problem persists.