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Chevrolet Colorado Tailgates & Liftgates

Originally designed as a work vehicle, pickup trucks have become something that is used for day-to-day transportation or recreation just as much as they are for work. While the truck market includes features that target passenger and lifestyle choices, manufacturers still incorporate design elements that allow pickups to provide function and versatility on the job site. This includes the design of the truck bed and tailgate, including aftermarket options such as lift gates, on mid-sized vehicles like the Chevrolet Colorado.

How do you replace the tailgate handle on a Colorado?

Begin by removing the screws on the backplate (and bed-liner if included on your Colorado) of the gate. Remove the bed-liner and backplate to expose the handle assembly. Unclip the rods attached to the assembly, and remove the two bolts securing the handle. The assembly can now be removed from the gate. Remove the lock mechanism from the old handle, and install it into the replacement handle. The new handle should come with grommets that you will want to place onto the bolt-holes of the assembly before you position it into the gate. Once the handle is in place, use both bolts to secure it. Reattach the rods to the handle. Test the new handle by closing and opening the gate a couple of times before covering the back of the handle assembly with the panel. Screw the panel (and bed-liner, if included) securely into place.

How does an easy-lift tailgate work on a 2015 Colorado?

An easy-lift tailgate is an optional feature available on the WT and LT (it is standard on the Z71) trims of the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. The easy-lift is designed to allow you to easily remove and install the gate based on your hauling needs. Before removal, make sure to disconnect the rear vision camera at the wire connector that is located behind the license plate. You need to pay attention to this cable as you remove or install the gate on your Chevrolet Colorado so that it does not get damaged during the process. Remove the easy-lift gate in this order:

  • Raise the gate halfway, and pull out both retaining clips.
  • With the gate halfway up, raise the right side off the lower pivot.
  • Raise the gate to an almost-closed position and lift the left side.
  • The tailgate can now be removed from the Colorado.
  • Reverse these steps to install the gate onto the vehicle
Are liftgates standard OEM on any Chevrolet Colorado models?

These tailgate components are aftermarket accessories installed on mid-sized work vehicles like the Chevrolet Colorado. Parts are available for repair and replacement of liftgates installed on your Chevy Colorado based on brand. The manufacturer, Anthonys Liftgates, for example, has parts available for Anthony controllers, Anthony Liftgates pumps, Anthony Liftgates springs, and power units for all Anthony Liftgates systems.