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Subaru Forester Liftgates and Tailgates

Subaru Forester model SUV tailgates are available with a variety of different components. They are made of several materials, including metal and glass. Cleaning a tailgate regularly helps to maintain visibility through the back window.

What types of liftgates are available for the Forester SUV?

Subaru Forester tailgates are available as replacement parts. The typical tailgate is a hatchback with a sizeable window in the top half. There is a handle located near the bottom of the tailgate to open the door upward. Beyond actual tailgate replacements, parts including handles, locks, hinges, lift supports, and hardware are available.

  • The Forester’s door opens vertically, exposing the entire cargo space. This may make the tailgate configuration suitable for individuals who frequently carry cargo larger than the area of a traditional sedan trunk. There is also more room vertically and horizontally for materials to sit in the rear.
  • Subaru locks help to secure the tailgate closed when the back is not being utilized for loading or unloading supplies. There are different lock configurations depending on which type of handle is installed and used to open the cargo space.
  • Hinges help to smoothly shift the tailgate’s weight so that it does not fall upon the individual opening the cargo space. Ensuring that hinges work properly increases the safety of the vehicle.
  • Forester lift supports are extendable bars that fit on the sides of the tailgate to prop it open at the top. they also tend to slow down the motion of the tailgate as it extends upward completely to help limit the stress on the hinges.
  • Subaru hardware helps to install the tailgate and fix it to the rear of the Subaru Forester. Without the correct brackets and bolts, the door would be insecure and risk loosening mid-trip.
What materials are liftgates made from?

Subaru Forester liftgates are typically made from a combination of metals, plastics, synthetics, and auto glass. The rear window is made from pressurized glass that is designed to crack rather than splinter in order to improve the safety of passengers. Light and substantial metals, including steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber, are combined with other materials to form the bulk of the liftgate.

How do you clean a liftgate?

Subaru liftgates are usually cleaned via regular car washes. However, if you need to wash your tailgate individually, you can use a mixture of warm water and soap. Mix the solution and apply it to the rear of the vehicle with a soft sponge. Rub away any dirt or grime until the tailgate is clean. Rinse it with clean water to remove any dirt or leftover soap. Dry the car with a soft cloth. You might find it helpful to polish or wax the painted components of the door to reduce the risk of scratching or damage.